ADecTec - Applied Decision Technologies: Business Intelligence Analytics to Enhance Supply Chain Efficiency

Ram Pandit, CEO
Ram Pandit used games as a springboard to boardroom success. While growing up, the Illinois research scholar loved to design creative outdoor games for kids, which enhanced his constructive learning experience. “It was a ‘learning-by-making’ process which involves a lot of mathematical creation rather than consumption. Those experiences have helped me to drive my team to continuously strive for innovation and customer satisfaction,” says Pandit, CEO of ADecTec. “Our solutions allow users to optimize and re-optimize their supply chain plans to achieve improvements continuously,” adds Pandit.

In recent years, supply chains have become more complex processes with the rising frequency of disruptions, Pandit, however, opines that the fundamentals behind the supply chain remain the same – “businesses wants to get the right material to the right place, at right time, in the right amounts, and at the lowest cost.” The company aims in offering robust solutions with the right blend of both practical operational functions and new technologies. “In the current scenario, it is important to have intelligent decision support tools to make appropriate actions. ADecTec is uniquely qualified to provide the linkages, visibility, and optimization of these complex variables from shop floor processes to business processes,” says Pandit.

Pandit also elucidates that the key challenges in the supply chain sector are related to changing culture, processes, practices, metrics, tools, and even roles and responsibilities. He further adds that customers often look for “enhancement of visibility, and predictability of raw material availability and disruptions.” To overcome the snag, ADecTec’s engagement process includes a business productivity improvement step followed by implementation of processes and the technology solutions. From a CIO’s perspective, Pandit points out the balancing of corporate level operations planning framework and solutions against real-time operational execution capabilities as the main experimenting factor.

“The intensity for real-time customer focused supply chains require coupling of business functions and decision support with actual process and manufacturing information and even with market driven Big Data,” adds Pandit.

ADecTec solutions specialize in bridging the gap between corporate level functions such as operations support, logistics, transportation, procurement, customer service and shop floor manufacturing and monitoring processes.
The company’s focus is on providing enhanced visibility with pertinent knowledge layered with smart planning and execution capabilities. “For example, we were successful in creating a customized solution for a consumer products company to synchronize their production schedule across multiple production stages, functions, vendors, and processes; thus enabling the visibility,” explains Pandit.

We are uniquely qualified to provide the linkages, visibility, and optimization of the complex supply chain variables

ADecTec’s data mining and process modeling capabilities provide deep insights into business dynamics and identify potential for improvement. “We also design a quantifiable set of recommendations with verified background data and process related to the existing operations and performance metrics,” explains Pandit, who also believes enhanced customer satisfaction, team innovation and improving customer profitability as the three main driving factors of the company.

ADecTec uses state-of-art optimization, process improvement, and information technologies to provide productivity enhancements. In one such scenario, a large paper products manufacturer approached ADecTec to improve its paper machine scheduling due to high operational cost because of lack of synchronization between different elements, functions, and departments. ADecTec’s optimized techniques streamlined the schedules and flow of materials, which resulted in lowering the production cost and enhancing the product quality.

The company is planning to expand its wings into Asia with the Indian Sub Continent as it strong base. Pandit is also planning to innovate value added, optimization based decision support operations planning system with an ability to incorporate Big Data thoughts. “Similarly, social media trends are being included into demand forecasting. We also intend to offer touch-less information tracking capability of shipments across the supply-chain in predicting business outcomes,” concludes Pandit.

ADecTec - Applied Decision Technologies

Duluth, GA

Ram Pandit, CEO

Improving productivity and visibility with pertinent knowledge layered with smart planning and execution capabilities.