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Ari Fuad, President
Capital Markets businesses are becoming increasingly intertwined with technology. In an industry that struggles with legacy systems, new technologies like machine learning and robotic process automation are enabling levels of business process efficiency that have never been seen before. However, the pressure on firms in this space to innovate and improve their services and solutions rarely leaves time to rationalize the overall operational model. As a result, many firms end up with an ‘accidental data architecture’ that fails in practice, due to excessive complexity and lack of flexibility. Enter Adeptyx, a consulting firm that excels at addressing this exact challenge. Adeptyx offers a complete suite of services, helping its clients to increase efficiency, improve productivity and reduce risk-- empowering clients see the light at the end of the tunnel.

Adeptyx backed with its in-depth experience simplifies business processes, identifies industry trends, and assesses their impacts on your organization--sorting through and streamlining these complexities--to achieve the best solution for your company.

So Why Does Adeptyx Make Sense?

Specialization. Expertise. Domain knowledge. Three factors that you can bank on when it comes to Adeptyx. Advising on buy-side asset management systems and operations is all the company does, and they do it well!

Adding Value

Adeptyx enables companies to recognize how and why their current architecture is falling short by helping them develop an improved future state that will meet core objectives. Consultants at Adeptyx conduct a comprehensive study of the systems, processes, and data used by the investment manager. This involves reviewing individual job roles and responsibilities, applications used, and existing functionality relative to current needs. The assessment helps firms identify critical deficiencies within pre-existing systems and current data such as inaccessibility of historical data, inadequate data quality checks, and inappropriate use of data.

The company provides tailored end-to-end solution delivery from strategy through implementation to enable companies to increase efficiency and reduce risk through improved business processes

Adeptyx then proposes a set of initiatives and assists with all operational needs from standards, aggregation, reconciliation, cleansing, back-up, and distribution to streamline various functional departments and simplify the operational model.

Ari Fuad, President of Adeptyx, narrates an incident where a large equity asset manager was unhappy with their current state and engaged Adeptyx to completely re-design their trading processes. The client had been in business for 16 years, but they were still using the legacy systems that had been implemented when they were first founded. “The client’s investment accounting system was more appropriate for an insurance company, and it was not at all suitable to their specific investment process,” explains Fuad. Due to the inefficiencies and the lack of capability of the solution, this placed significant strain on the employees of the client, who were working into the evening almost every day. As a result of the Adeptyx assessment and with Adeptyx’s ongoing assistance, the client significantly improved their operational model with a combination of streamlining data management and a more appropriate and better capable middle and back office solution. Collaborating with Adeptyx, the client simplified their operation, enhancing efficiency and reducing work hours of employees.

What distinguishes Adeptyx from other competitors in the market is their seasoned consultants and their average of 20 years experience in analyzing and recognizing ‘complex patterns’ in operational infrastructure. “Our clients do not have to explain to our consultants, we have seen a lot of different operating models, and we know how things can be set up in a better way,” states Fuad.


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Ari Fuad, President

Adeptyx provides consulting services in the asset management industry and helps companies increase efficiency and reduce risk through the improved business process. The company was started in 2009—its seasoned consultants have extensive investment operations, technical skills, and partners with clients to solve their most challenging problems. Adeptyx's specific areas of focus include Trade Order Management, Investment Compliance, Risk Management, Client Reporting, Investment Accounting, and Document Management