Adexa: Injecting Intelligent Information

K. Cyrus Hadavi, CEO
Delivering right product in the right quantity to the right place at right time’ is the dogma of an ideal supply chain. However, in the wake of exponentially growing complexity with new products and new markets, the manufacturing industry is lagging behind to attain timely and accurate information, operational visibility across suppliers, and insight on predictable flows of material and working capital. Getting and implementing all these elements in place will enable the manufacturers to achieve an optimal supply chain. In such an environment, synchronization of volatile supply and demand factors throughout the extended supply chain will support the supply chain needs. Addressing the issue, Adexa, a provider of intelligent enterprise business planning and performance management solutions is skillfully linking strategic planning, financial planning and supply chain planning to ensure profitable supply chain operations.

Adexa’s Enterprise Global Planning System’ (eGPS), which is a comprehensive suite of integrated solutions for manufacturers encompasses supply chain planning, event management, enterprise performance management, and intelligent collaboration. By leveraging eGPS, firms are benefitted with a local and global view of supply and demand requirements and constraints as well as the insight needed to optimize them. This maximizes the asset utilization within and beyond the walls of an organization.

The company’s Supply Chain Planning synchronizes supply with demand across the entire resources of an organization’s multi-site and multi-tier supply chain by supporting constraint-based planning with an inter and intra-enterprise-wide model. The supply chain model created by the company examines manufacturing and assembly locations, subcontractors, suppliers, customer hubs, as well as transportation alternatives to deliver a synchronized and optimized plan. Implementing this model, organizations’ capacity and inventory are used fully; thereby successfully completing the required orders. A unique aspect of this model is that it uses Attribute-Based Planning to allow users define any constraint within the system, without having to reprogram it. Attributes are used as constraints, which defines the search space automatically opening doors for self-improving and self repairing.

We provide a unified environment where demand signals automatically propagate through multiple supply-chain tiers based on sourcing rules and bill of materials

Manufacturers need to be aware of their on-hand inventories and production capacities for every step in the manufacturing process, which necessitates real time communication of requirements and measurement of suppliers’ performance. Adexa’s Supplier Management streamlines procurement at every stage, compressing purchasing cycles and bringing in visibility into the order execution process in an outsourced manufacturing environment. “We provide a unified environment where demand signals automatically propagate through multiple supply-chain tiers based on sourcing rules and bill of materials,” says K. Cyrus Hadavi, CEO, Adexa. This magnified visibility enables organizations to reduce raw material and component inventories, lower purchasing prices, shorten purchasing lead times, and streamline communications.

Combining enhanced visibility with better planning and predictive analytics considerably impacts profits and return-on-assets. Adexa’s predictive analytics solution provides a supply chain planning system of record with hundreds of ready-to-go key performance indicators (KPI’s), complete with formulas and calculations. The solutions can be paired and deployed with any of the Adexa’s planning solutions on the demand or supply side, or it can be utilized as a stand-alone solution for predictive analytics.

Adexa’s eGPS architecture provides a business application framework, which is a combination of both planning and execu-tion into a single web-enabled environment, delivering high-performance and flexible platform at a low total cost of owner-ship. At present, the company is working on robots called Adexa Intelligent Miners that search the big data for causes and trends that improves or harms the business. “This is just another area where we are working to make our applications more intelligent,” asserts Hadavi.


Los Angeles, CA

K. Cyrus Hadavi, CEO

Intelligent enterprise business planning and performance management solutions that link strategic planning, financial planning and supply chain planning

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