Adgistics: Optimally Creating a Global Brand Equity

Joe Jarrett, CEO
Defined and managed in the right way, a company’s brand can provide the kind of differentiation and resilience that delivers outstanding business performance for the long-term. Business managers are aware that the brand is very much front and center in influencing how customers identify with companies. “We believe that a company’s brand is a management asset and business system that provides a common language across the multiple specialties in a business,” says Joe Jarrett, CEO, Adgistics. Through its innovative mix of technology and human services, Adgistics, headquartered in London has made brand techniques which were once the exclusive territory of multibillion dollar companies available and practicable to small and medium sized businesses around the world.Adgistics’s Brand Centre provides marketing teams, agencies and other brand partners with controlled access to all brand materials. In addition to logos and advertisements, brand materials are likely to include more general items such as business processes and research outcomes.

The solution ingests all these, educating and enabling their use in an improved, efficient way that protects brand equity and can help reduce costs. adds Jarrett.

Configured from a single architecture, the Brand Centre is flexible in size and structure and functionality can be optionally enhanced by adding scalable modules.The scalable architecture allows for rapid deployment towards problem solving and also supports a long term progressive roll out on an enterprise level.Adgistics aims to select the most suitable configuration of the Brand Centre solution to support proven methods of the clients’ unique business needs. The aim is to create a measurable profit center around brand appearance and behavior.

Management module delivers realtime statistics on a brand-led campaign calendar. The Brand Centre’s Campaign The Brand Centre also offers a variety of design management tools, which enable rules-based customization of brand materials across local markets worldwide, adapting automatically for multiple channels.

“Brands can be optimally managed through the Brand Centre to create growth, profit, sustainability and longterm value,”

Social media conversations can also be managed and tracked, enabling CMOs and brand managers to measure the influence of the brand in the community.

Adgistics’ client roster includes adidas, Brown Forman, Swisscom, RICS (Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors), Network Rail, Honda, Speedo and STC (Saudi Telecom Company).Adidas, a client of Adgistics for 15 years, originally sought help to address the advertising inconsistencies and cost inefficiencies present in their paper and people-centric processes. Non-compliance issues with copyright agreements also needed to be set right, given that much of adidas advertising included celebrities with precise usage agreements. Adgistics delivered a customized Brand Centre, named adiadz. com, to provide a single destination for adidas authorized marketers to view and order localized campaign material. Built in compliance to the brand’s guidelines, adiadz. com reflected the complete look and feel of the adidas brand. The advertising when managed through, filtered incorrect advertisements and duplication across markets. “Adgistics’ Brand Centre has revolutionized how we control our advertising globally, creating huge efficiencies in the process and costs,” says John Van Tuyll, Director, Global Advertising, adidas. Through the ongoing pioneering work with some of the world’s largest and most well-known brands, Adgistics aims to extend the value brands can bring to companies who may not even think they have one.


London, UK

Joe Jarrett, CEO

Provider of brand value management systems.