ADI Strategies: Improved Accuracy of Enterprise Reporting and Forecasting

Mario Desiderio, President
Through the years, Enterprise Performance Management (EPM) evolved from finance departmental initiatives to now include cross functional enterprise solutions. Today, implementations comprise an even broader user community, which brings in elements of change management, risk management, and increased data integration. Modern CFOs apply the new age digital technologies in their EPM processes to address multiple stakeholders and conduct their teams toward more business partnering and enhancing proactivity. San Francisco based ADI Strategies (ADI) is a professional services firm that continues to make an intensive effort to create industry and technical intellectual property to deal with ever changing regulatory compliance pressures.

“Our industry templates are being used as leading practices for financial reporting, enterprise planning, governance and risk management and data governance expediting implementation timelines and solution adoption,” says Mario Desiderio, ADI’s President. “Designed by our team of multi discipline consultants, including individuals from industry, functional experts with CPAs and MBAs, and certified technology professionals, our solutions are supported with a strong infrastructure team and managed service offering for ongoing support.”

ADI specializes in identifying and integrating the information sets that provide critical perspective to analysts and other decision makers. ADI provides multi dimensional analytic solutions for the continuously evolving industry. “As a firm, we were founded on building database centric multi dimensional analytic solutions,” Desiderio notes. “We have since grown to deliver application centric solutions to our portfolio of services, including those that solve issues with planning and management reporting, financial reporting and consolidations, costing and profitability reporting. In the past few years we have also added enterprise risk management, operational and customer insights.”

The company specializes in helping customers understand, design, and implement EPM solutions that are customized for the unique needs and requirements of each customer while benefiting from decades of analysis and implementation experience. They help customers understand how to balance functionality and complexity while avoiding usability compromises.

According to Karen Trainer, ADI’s Director of marketing, modern EPM tools leverage cloud, mobile and big data technology to change the way organizations operate. “Access to corporate internal information, along with information that is available via the Internet, enables organizations to gather deeper and richer analytics about their customer base, stay ahead of industry factors, and manage their business better,” Trainer explains.

Our industry templates are being used as leading practices for financial reporting, enterprise planning and data governance expediting implementation timelines and solution adoption

“Analytics allow for fact based decision making versus the proverbial ‘gut feel’ and many organizations leverage EPM applications to reach deeper into the organization to enable them to better plan and manage key business drivers, as well as empower them with the tools to perform their job more effectively.”

ADI is also an Oracle Platinum Partner providing consulting and advisory services that allow clients to meet current and future objectives. “Our relationship with Oracle provides us with the opportunity to sit on advisory boards to influence Oracle product development and share what the leading firms need in the next generation of products,” Desiderio asserts. Numerous challenges including enterprise planning like detailed balance sheet planning, comprehensive capital analysis and review stress testing and liquidity management plague many financial services companies. However, ADI has grown considerably to meet its clients demands and alleviate these stresses, Desiderio says.

ADI is the leading organization providing advisory and implementation talent for Oracle Financial Services Analytical Applications (OFSAA). The company features a global delivery center, which includes a highly efficient team that develops industry and functional accelerators leveraging the Oracle EPM and Business Intelligence (BI) technologies. These accelerators are pre configurable industry templates, and include solutions such as those to accelerate the compliance and reporting in highly regulated industries.

ADI traditionally focused on companies’ finance offices, developing rich analytics that concentrate on organization, product, customer, channel, and other business dimensions. This abundant set of data is now routinely integrated with operational and customer data allowing businesses to run more efficiently and better service their customers.

“Our business is simple; we are not trying to be everything to everyone,” Desiderio states. “We stay focused on the industries and technology we service. We believe in a win-win strategy where our customers, employees and partners are all successful in the equation.”

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Mario Desiderio, President and Karen Trainer, Director of Marketing

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