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Scott Mackey, Founder and SVP Market Strategy
Drug development has always been laborious and time consuming. When a pharmaceutical or life sciences company initiates the development process of a new drug, extensive clinical trials are held before the compound is submitted to the FDA for approval. However, the pathway to drug approval generates a massive amount of information. The enormous quantity of unstructured data generated during the trials from email, MS office documents, and other unstructured content formats has to be appropriately sorted into a standardized format before submitting it to the FDA. This task can be quite complex in terms of formatting and creating high-quality, searchable hyperlinks with navigation-rich content that could go into regulatory submission ready-pdfs for FDA approval.

Typically, a long stretch of tedious, paper-based process becomes imperative for documenting the whole journey of drug development. But gone are those days. Ontario based Adlib is now relieving pharma and life science companies of the burden of managing colossal data loads using its content intelligence platform to unlock intelligent data and fuel faster decisions—all while accelerating digital transformation.

With its ability to simplify the most complicated datasets and extract valuable data from highly diverse and complex document formats, Adlib helps pharma and life sciences companies turn their unstructured data into a premium, searchable PDF output with all the necessary navigation elements in it. Through its unique content intelligence platform, Adlib gathers the unstructured data and brings actionable insights to unearth emergent market opportunities and business lifelines. It enables reviewers to efficiently quicken the review process and accelerate the time to approve life-saving drugs. “Combining our decades of expertise in working with pharma and life sciences firms, we help them to unveil the latent intelligence inside their data to achieve seamless digital transformation,” says Scott Mackey, Founder and SVP Market Strategy at Adlib.

Leveraging cognitive technologies like AI and ML, the Adlib content intelligence platform executes human-like operations such as automatically grouping and classifying similar content and applying a rich set of metadata tags for easier data search.
By placing AI in the hands of everyday users, the company empowers even a non-data scientist to produce topflight data from documents with lesser effort than traditional methods.

Building on a legacy spanning over 20 years in the pharma and life sciences industry, Adlib has always been able to meet its customer’s high demands, both in functionality and corporate security or auditability. The customer-centric approach of Adlib to execute data-driven strategies that thrive on automation streamlines various processes and workflows for numerous pharma and life sciences organizations. Furthermore, Adlib’s professional services teams go onsite and assist clients in installing, configuring, and deploying its solutions within their environment. In essence, it comes as no surprise that Adlib boasts of a prestigious portfolio of customers across the globe. Companies like Merck, Roche, J&J, and Pfizer, among others, utilize Adlib’s technology to accelerate their time to market process. “Our ability to dig through the customer’s complex content, while offering them complete visibility and actionable insights to expedite informed decisions, have been the keystone of our success,” remarks Mackey.

In due course of time, Adlib intends to further focus on its internal R&D data science team, which is developing advanced AI algorithms to teach computers to perform tasks more humanely. The company is also looking forward to building additional solution accelerators along with AI models and libraries that will solve any pre-existing challenges pertaining to mergers and acquisitions.

Meanwhile, Adlib is enabling pharma and life sciences companies to accelerate time to market and deal with the supply chain disruption unfolded by the ongoing global health crisis. The company is planning to collate information flowing through the complex and dynamic supply chain, on the supply side, and glean actionable insights. “We are moving beyond internal workflows and automation toward spaces where we can help companies extract key attributes from their content to build, test, and deploy various business models required to achieve desired goals,” concludes Mackey.

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Scott Mackey, Founder and SVP Market Strategy and George Kotter, CFO

Adlib Software has been transforming the way enterprise organizations overcome unstructured data challenges for over 15 years. Integrating with various business applications, Adlib Software enables digital preparation of documents for improved migration, compliance, privacy and security, digital transformation, capture and classification. Our document enrichment solutions allow over 5,500 customers globally to elevate their content and derive the insight that is needed to support critical decision-making and secure competitive advantage