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Anne Pyle, Managing partner
After decades of building her credibility through various leadership positions and a meteoric rise through the ranks of information technology as a developer, business analyst, project manager, and CIO, Anne Pyle had already amassed unprecedented experience when she decided to become a consultant and formed Business Informatics Group with the intent of providing CIO-for-hire services. Among her consulting clients, three asked her to search for and implement the best CRM available. Salesforce was determined to be the best in all cases and so Anne implemented the platform for them. Her entrepreneurial streak and penchant for transformation unraveled the immense potential of the Salesforce platform for businesses. A developer at heart, Anne rebranded the company as ADP Solutions and started delivering Salesforce consultation services to businesses across the gulf south.

ADP Solutions, as stated by Anne, leverages Salesforce declarative development tools for conducting large-scale and customized implementations for their clients, which distinguishes them among the plethora of Salesforce consulting partners competing on the front. As a cutting-edge software developing company, ADP Solutions is principally focused on maximizing the enormous capability of the Salesforce platform and creating a substantial solution that takes these capabilities a step further in tactfully addressing the diverse issues confronted by the clients. “We provide our clients with a sophisticated yet robust, automated solution—a comprehensive data model that allows businesses to coordinate numerous tasks simultaneously, thereby significantly saving time and money,” says Anne.

While working collaboratively with a diverse clientele in the three target sectors—small and medium-sized businesses, public sector organizations, as well as non-profit organizations— Anne perceives that most clients approach ADP Solutions with the requirement of upgrading their outdated legacy systems to a system which would synchronize multiple business operations and applications together. ADP Solutions deploys the Salesforce platform to bring all operational processes in harmony on a single data model.
“We facilitate clients with true integration of processes and applications, empowering them to enjoy an extensive visibility and access to information from one single platform,” explains Anne.

ADP Solutions does not adhere to Waterfall or Agile methodology; the company follows an iterative process for implementation. To begin with, the company assesses a client’s workflow from the top management to the users that helps them attain a broader understanding of the client requirements. After designing a basic platform in the first phase, the company undertakes multiple design/review sessions with the client with an objective of launching the system by the end of it. In addition, a training session is orchestrated, which enables the users to get a clearer view of the entire workflow of the system.

While annotating some of the key highlights of one of their success stories, Anne discusses how a regional economic developing organization was confronting issues related to constituent acquisition and engagement. The employees of the public establishment lacked the ability to work and grow as a team. ADP solutions stepped in to implement the Salesforce platform that enabled the client to determine how the constituents of the organization along with the other economy development partners and their target industries engaged with them on a financial basis and consequently, experienced a significant growth in business.

Adding to this, Anne reveals how some of ADP Solutions’ clients face problems while tackling duplicative data. “Duplicate information is what every organization suffers from at some stage of its business,” she says. With the aid of improved Salesforce tools, ADP Solutions strategizes out-of-the-box duplicate management rules and makes configurations that capacitate them for making both strategic and tactical business decisions. By deploying duplicate matching rules specific to the needs of the client, the system tracks the potential duplicative information while simultaneously warning the client against any duplicate data that is being fed. By building a best-practices configuration, ADP Solutions ensures integrity in the business data.

In the forthcoming years, ADP Solutions aspires to expand geographically across the country whilst at the same time hunt business informatics technocrats with a capability of helping the company make headways in business.

ADP Solutions

Lafayette, LA

Anne Pyle, Managing partner

ADP Solutions leverage senior-level expertise and years of industry experience to deliver innovative solutions powered by the Sales force platform. In addition to being the most powerful and popular CRM on the market today, it is a solid and quick software development platform. ADP Solutions is a Salesforce Consulting Partner, meaning that they are sanctioned to implement their product to further their clients' business goals. With ADP Solutions, clients will reap the benefits of a partner with the same depth of knowledge and experience as the big guys but without the hefty price tag