Adrecom: Bridging Content Management and E-commerce

Lev Kacnelson, CEO
When Lev Kacnelson, CEO, Adrecom noticed the existing e-commerce systems to be lacking in content management capabilities, his idea to create a suite that merges e-commerce with content marked the turning point for his venture. Today Adrecom is revolutionizing the e-commerce arena with a comprehensive suite of content management integrated e-commerce system as well as professional migration strategies addressing retail, wholesale, and distributor customer requirements in B2C and B2B environments. With years of experience in developing and deploying competent e-commerce systems, the firm currently offers an extensively configurable, omnichannel solution for opening an online business or upgrading to next generation e-commerce technology. “We provide innovative solutions for our clients in moving from legacy online store to customer friendly omnichannels e-commerce,” says Kacnelson.

Packed with premier merchandising features, Adrecom focuses on delivering better sale tools and a simplified checkout method for efficient online operation. The firm offers a comprehensive solution embedded with a dynamic storefront configuration engine for businesses to succeed online. With Adrecom’s e-commerce solution, clients can up-sell, bundle products, cross-sell, or create specialized quick orders, and offer multiple product options for maximum marketing and sales flexibility.

Offering a fully tailor-made application, the Adrecom suite allows customization of not only the product catalogues, but also the look and feel of the home page. As discounts and promotions are significant for business growth, the built-in marketing automation and promotion option lets clients configure special offers for improved customer satisfaction. It packs a complete set of CRM tools that allow personalized promotion campaigns, quote generation management, as well as remarketing automation. The suite supports the ability to seamlessly associate content like articles, blog posts, image galleries, videos with products, as well as utilize customer generated content such as rating, reviews, products usage experience.

We provide innovative solutions for our clients in moving from legacy online store to customer friendly omnichannels e-commerce

Adrecom’s e-commerce solution enables out of box deployment of cutting age shopping cart with subscription based products, reordering support, B2B inventory and orders management. Its user-friendly backend minimizes the learning curve for both system integrators and backend users, making the installation process more economical.

Distinctively engineered for e-commerce, Adrecom securely optimizes the business processes, delivers strategic advantages, and effectively handles multi-level complexity. Integrated with an omnichannel-ready storefront, the Adrecom suite enables personalization of shopping experience, configurable products, and products kiting as well as multi-location shipping. Further simplifying the sales process, it assists in unifying e-commerce management with a centralized products catalog and inventory management across multiple sales channels. With the incorporation of dynamic view card, shipping cost estimation, cross sale options and user friendly checkout process, the Adrecom team delivers clicks to payment reductions and minimizes abandoned orders rate.

The firm aims to create an e-commerce community within websites for client interaction with content providers. Adrecom focuses on offering seamless real time synchronization and catalogue management with major e-commerce leaders like Amazon. “With Amazon growing as an industry leader, we are keen on helping our customers manage and interact seamlessly with the Amazon platform. We strive to add the best ability to manage the full Amazon product catalogue,” concludes Kacnelson.


Beachwood, OH

Lev Kacnelson, CEO

Adrecom offers advanced e-commerce solutions that deliver better sale tools and a simplified check-out method