Adstream: Employing a Comprehensive Methodology to Global Asset Management and Ad Delivery

CIO VendorGerry Sutton, CEO
Multiple revenue streams have always been the recipe for success in the media and entertainment sector. However, to thrive in the current environment, media and entertainment companies need to deploy innovative strategies and new approaches to content development, distribution, and monetization. Spending on traditional media is under growing pressure as advertisers devote more resources to digital, database marketing, event marketing, and even loyalty programs. Headquartered in London, UK, Adstream was established with a vision to empower the advertizing world with befitting technology tools and services.

“The advertizing world is now becoming more efficient and accountable. A lot of business today is about global asset management and making sure that advertisements move out of the brand ownership and creative stages to the publishers and broadcasters,” says Gerry Sutton, CEO, Adstream. The company’s flagship solution, Adbank is a single, centralized platform for managing and delivering global creative content both in traditional and new media formats. Adbank enables agencies and brands to collaborate with multiple clients or suppliers all the while keeping their content secure. “We have built a simple ad management and distribution tool that operates on one global platform, accessible anywhere, any time,” remarks Sutton. Adbank has a scalable architecture that helps brands to work globally in a secure environment that comply to industry standard encryption for storage and transfers. “It is a strong and ubiquitous engine for ad delivery and someone in London can deliver a file to a particular television station in Vietnam or broadcast to YouTube in a single transaction,” says Sutton. Another amazing feature of Adbank is that customers can start small with a modular design and choose how they wish to use Adstream’s system.

With 42 offices across the globe, Adstream serves customers in over hundred countries. In one instance, CHI & Partners, one of Adstream’s clients, required a platform where they could upload over 100GB of Lexus-specific materials across TV, Print, and Digital formats.
The platform needed to be accessible by CHI, Lexus and their agencies around the world. Furthermore, CHI wanted to be able to track and report on all activity occurring within the Lexus project area. In close collaboration with the Lexus account handlers at CHI, a project environment was designed and implemented with the Adbank solution that directly mirrored the respective media schedules. CHI uploaded the print and digital assets whilst the post production house uploaded the TV material. All of these assets were held in a single and secure project environment. Once the folders and sub-folders had been populated, agreed access rights were assigned and approved users were able to access, download, and adapt the materials. Due to this, CHI was able to gain increased traction with Lexus by embedding themselves into common processes and the campaign delivery costs where reduced while speed to market was increased.

Adbank has a scalable architecture that enables brands to work globally in a secure environment with industry standard encryption for storage and all transfers

Adstream gives equal importance to every client they associate with and their cloud-based platform is reliable and well layered. The system provides CIOs and CMOs with global visibility of creative content and results in significant re-use of content over time, allowing brands to spend more in other areas. Looking to the future, the company plans on integrating its asset management platform with customers’ workflows to ensure strong delivery capacity on the global front. “I feel like it’s the right footprint and boundary for us. Our goal is to strengthen the platform making it more flexible, robust, and easier to use,” concludes Sutton.


London, UK

Gerry Sutton, CEO

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