Adurant Technologies: Leveraging Data to Empower Enterprises

Brett Weninger, Managing Director
We are at the inflection point of a pending data explosion with the primary issues regarding Data over the next six years falling into three primary categories; Data Analytics, Data Development for Custom Applications and Data Governance. Currently only three percent of data has been flagged for analysis and one percent of the 2.7 ZB has actually been analyzed. This equates to 2.6 ZB of data that needs to be analyzed today and if methods are not improved by 2020 over 48 ZB of data will be waiting in data lakes for analysis. Big Data does not alleviate the need to classify and protect that data in accordance with an organization’s existing data classification and governance policies.

Currently 35 percent of all data is supposed to be protected of which only 20 percent has appropriate measures in place to adhere to Data Governance policies. This leaves a global gap of 400 Exabytes (EB) of unprotected data. By 2020, this gap will increase to 10 ZB. Adurant Technologies, a Colorado based Technology Consultancy, is an Oracle Gold Partner and is striving to tackle this crisis. Additionally, the firm is also an authorized reseller for Amazon Web Services, Cloudera, Rackspace, and Oracle Infrastructure, Platform (Data and Middleware), and Business Intelligence Products. Moreover, there is focus on Solutions and Services for Data Management and the requisite Cloud Infrastructure for Private, Public, and Hybrid clouds.

Several Healthcare, Advanced Manufacturing and Technical Product Management services, Financial Services, Consumer Products and Servicesrely on Adurant Technologies’s services to leverage effective solutions and thus help serve their customers in an efficient way.

Being Different

Adurant Technologies’ solutions and services are derived from an intimate understanding of business and technology and deep technical skills. The Adurant management team has over 80,000 contact hours in both business and technical program, and project management.
“We developed a Unified Data Strategy merging methods for managing both structured and unstructured data. We focus on aligning client business strategy to the opportunities created by this new tool to foster client top line growth. For the last 10 years, most consultancies have been focused on consolidation opportunities and Technology Operations Expense reduction with the rapid development of Cloud Computing. We firmly believe that OPEX and cost management is a significant consideration for your Technology Portfolio, but not the primary consideration.” says Brett Weninger, Managing Director.

Products and Services in a Nutshell

Adurant Technologies focuses on Solutions and Services for Data Management, Strategic business services, Infrastructure and Support Services and the requisite Cloud Infrastructure for Private, Public, and Hybrid clouds. “The vacuum of technical jobs in the US from 2004 to 2012 driven by Off-Shoring has resulted in a significant talent gap in technology. We fulfill that gap with an exceptionally qualified team of Enterprise Architects that have spent the past 15 years working with Fortune 500 clients”continues Weninger.

These services allow an organization’s Product Managers to understand time-to-value, time-to-market cost, risk, and adequately develop pricing models for their services that have a significant Data or Technology component. Additionally, the strategies for addressing Data as a Strategic Asset under a Unified Data Architecture have been well received.

Going Strong

Adurant’s future plans are centered on continued significant growth and fulfillment of current client needs. The market has been highly responsive towards Adurant’s strong technical skills in Cloud Computing, and their business acumen, Unified Data Strategies, and ability to extract value from Big Data investments have also received accolades. Areas such as Data Automation Services, Client Ontology Automation, and Federated Data Exchange Services have also been very fruitful areas for the firm.

Adurant Technologies:

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Brett Weninger, Managing Director

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