Advanced Distribution Solutions, Inc. (ADSI): Shipping Software Designed for Today’s Omni-Channel Marketplace

Bob Fischer, CEO
It’s no surprise that leading CPG companies are targeting today’s digitally connected shoppers as a leading source of growth. Research by PwC indicates that 52 percent of U.S. consumers are already buying directly online from brands they trust, a trend that is pushing CPG companies to overhaul their distribution network to support fulfillment to end-consumers in addition to their existing channels. Helping CPG companies bridge this multi-channel distribution world is a welcome challenge for ADSI. “We’ve worked closely with CPG companies and e-commerce shippers for years,” said Bob Fischer, founder and CEO of ADSI. “Our shipping solutions perform very well in the omnichannel world.” ADSI’s clients include Phillips Pet Supplies, Leinenkugel, L’Occitane, Ulta Cosmetics, Libman, Jones School Supply and Swanson Health Products, among others. ADSI’s solutions deliver a high return on investment (ROI) by helping companies reduce their freight costs and streamline labor in the order-to-shipping workflow. Capabilities include:

Integrated Order Packing and Shipping

These days, customers have very high expectations for near real-time order visibility and delivery tracking. ADSI offers Pack-IT, a scan-based pack/ship software solution that delivers order visibility while accelerating fulfillment. ADSI’s pack/ship solution enables warehouse staff to scan, pack and ship orders in seconds–all from a mobile pack/ship workstation. “Our Pack- IT workstations make it easy to move staff to wherever they’re needed most in the warehouse,” said Fischer, “We also capture every movement from order packing through delivery, giving our clients the detailed visibility they need for their customers.”

Extended Carrier Portfolio Management for Today’s Dynamic Market

ADSI’s Ship-ITTM multi-carrier shipping software platform enables CPG companies to automatically compare carriers, rates and services on a single platform, including small parcel, LTL, postal and international carriers. By enabling shippers to manage and compare carriers in this way, ADSI has helped its customers reduce their freight budget by 10 percent to 40 percent. ADSI has established a large library of carriers that are deployable on Ship-IT.

We’ve worked closely with CPG companies and e-commerce shippers for years. Our shipping solutions are designed to perform well in the omni channel world

“For example, a shipper may be looking for a lower-cost carrier to serve a region of their distribution network or handle that ‘last mile delivery’ to the consumer,” said Fischer, “Chances are good that the carriers they identify may very well already be in the Ship-IT library. This streamlines the process of onboarding carriers for the shipper.”

Mobile-Deployed Solutions to Accelerate Productivity

ADSI also installs its solutions on mobile computers and wearable technology to further reduce labor. “We love collaborating with our customers,” said Fischer. “It’s the best way to discover new ideas that yield significant cost savings.” For example, a medical product company wanted to speed up shipment processing by minimizing staff reliance on the computer keyboard and mouse to process shipments. The VP of Operations asked ADSI to replace its legacy desktop shipping system with a mobile solution. ADSI configured Ship-IT for wearable computers and ring scanners. “As a result, the company was able to accelerate shipment processing to 12 times faster over its previous shipping system,” said Fischer.

Single-Source Implementation Services

Providing logistics software is only one part of ADSI’s service to its customers. “We also sell, configure, implement and maintain the equipment our customers need for their logistics network, including mobile computers, barcode scanners, printers, scales, mobile shipping carts, RFID and wireless solutions,” said Fischer. “This makes it much easier for our clients because they can count on us as a single point of contact for all their software and equipment questions.”

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Bob Fischer, CEO

Advanced Distribution Solutions, Inc. develops and integrates order fulfillment and multi-carrier shipping software solutions for manufacturers, distributors, e-commerce, 3PLs and others.