Advanced Document Systems: Delivering Holistic Print Solution

Hector Lizardi, President
Being in the Managed Print Services (MPS) arena for over two decades now and one of Xerox’s largest Document Technology Partners, Advanced Documents Systems has manifested their superior position in the market. The reason? Their unique approach towards the MPS market. Hector Lizardi, the President of the firm, explains, “We look at our clients’ workflows through a holistic approach, which is completely different from our competitors, who take MPS as managing supplies and prints.” Advanced Documents Systems observes its clients predicaments, objectives and resources to deliver a comprehensive document management solution. With a deft workforce of IT professionals onboard, Advanced Documents Systems facilitates clients with managed print services, which results in simplified workflows, increased productivity, reduced expenses, secured data and minimal impact on the environment.

The majority of MPS providers today are limited by the tools that they leverage to articulate environments and the manner in which they aggregate data to assess the static information. This hampers their ability to adjust and utilize information for a futuristic operation. To conduct a complete document assessment of the clients’ printer fleet, Advanced Document Systems’ solutions are centered around providing a holistic digitization solution including document management, mobile print, and cloud-enabled solutions upfront that work with its managed print services solutions. Additionally, the tools are leveraged by them to manage the solutions in a dynamic state, which allows the firm to adapt to the organizational changes in the client’s environments. The firm uses the leading Xerox Managed Print Services assessment tools to deliver managed print services solutions.

An accredited Xerox partner, Advanced Document Systems undertakes a four-step process to deliver its managed print services solution. To begin with, the process involves an assessment where the firm gathers dynamic data and helps clients to understand the full scope of their print environment across both Xerox and non-Xerox devices. Next, Advanced Document Systems creates a designed and consolidated presentation that is the baseline for managed print services delivery. This is followed by implementation of the firm’s solutions, which includes migrating customers to higher levels of print and document management maturity and converting paper-based workflows to digital and re-engineering processes for greater efficiencies.

Through our approach, we save the incurred extra costs by improving the processes, comprehending the opportunities and using the technology upfront

In the final phase of the process, Advanced Document Systems performs a continuous review to manage the print services in an efficient manner. “With the right technology in place and securely integrated into the IT environment, we also improve document-related workflows’ productivity,” mentions Lizardi. “Through our methodology, we save the extra costs incurred by improving the processes, comprehending the opportunities and using the technology upfront.”

The firm also delivers Xerox’ConnectKey platform to provide a critical advantage to small-to-medium businesses and enterprise customers. Lizardi informs that the platform offers Advanced Document Systems’ latest technologies with many different planks and allows the clients to create a connection between mobile print and cloud-based solutions, and other managed print devices. Further, it provides a pillar of security through Xerox’s partnership with McAfee and the ability for organizations to remotely monitor the devices. The platform creates a seamless integration between siloed managed print aspects and tool-sets leveraged to manage different assets.

Over the years, Advanced Document Systems has evolved as a company that emphasizes on understanding what the clients’ demands are, which opens doors for successful future implementations and business with the clients in other areas as well. Moving ahead, Advanced Document Systems aims to expand its geographical reach and add specialists into its team of managed print services experts. “The vast majority of prints created today are still unmanaged, which gives us a plethora of opportunity in the MPS arena to expand and grow,” concludes Lizardi.

Advanced Document Systems

Kent, WA

Hector Lizardi, President

One of Xerox’s largest Document Technology Partners, the firm offers Xerox’s full line of products, software and services

Advanced Document Systems