Advanced Onion: A Catalyst for Development

Paul Temple, President & CEO
After having served an illustrious 21-year military career, and subsequently in numerous senior management positions for companies such as SGI, NetApp and SAIC, Paul Temple founded Advanced Onion (AO), a technology focused consulting firm intended to give advice to technology companies and federal agencies in terms of technical solutions and a full range of development. “Being surrounded by technologies and bridging solutions to government organizations, opened my eyes to other opportunities where there seemed to be technological gaps,” remarks Temple, who leads the company as its President and CEO.

Having first-hand, in-depth understanding of the System Integration Services community and federal programs, Temple leads AO in offering identity management, protection and assurance, advanced intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance technologies to support Department of Defense (DoD), Department of Homeland Security (DHS) and the Intelligence Community (IC). The firm also has its focus on the base-line level of enterprise needs and projection of life cycle management on tools/systems that are quickly becoming technically obsolete by new cloud solutions. “Due to the exigent demands of consistent innovation, we focus on cost-effective storage solutions and commoditized capabilities that rapidly change and present new options to stay up-to-date,” posits Temple.

With the adoption of wearables and other mobile technologies, organizations, both public and commercial sectors, have realized the increasing vulnerabilities and exposure these technologies bring. “However, they also bring data, and this data can be mined and used for a number of discovery events,” appraises Temple. The use-case implies a number of techniques like natural-language processing (NLP)—used in creating systems that understand, predict, and reveal security risks, betters logical supply-chain direction, among others.

The firm’s ever-increasing role in identifying and countering insider threats through technological advances leveraging data science, as well as with human-in-the-loop technical and policy oversight is assisting the public and commercial sectors alike.

We focus on cost-effective storage solutions and commoditized capabilities that rapidly change and present new options to stay up-to-date

Paraphrasing Temple, the integration of data sources that augment the architectural hunger for relevant data is always a challenge both technically and policy-wise. “We continue to learn and share best practices through our own Insider Threat Summit held in Monterey, CA annually,” adds Temple.

Being a true Value Added Reseller, AO has some of the most qualified and motivated personnel and is privileged to work for outstanding government leaders, program managers, commercial technology providers and some of the best prime or sub partners to collectively define the end goals of a program or mission. “We have been afforded the flexibility to tackle problems and shape the delivery of our services by using imagination, expertise, and best-of-breed solutions to answer unique needs,” points out Temple. Most of these programs have an overarching focus on security, from both a logical or physical aspect. For instance, The DoD Continuous Evaluation Program and Insider Threat Program have been critical DoD initiatives that AO has been supporting since their inception. “We have worked hand-in-glove with our prime, GCE, and have used innovative technical approaches that have been lauded by government leadership,” notes Temple.

Going forward, AO plans to expand its data science expertise for many other market verticals as well as provide a hub for testing of hardware and software solutions. Also, the firm is set for geographic expansion in the U.S. and to explore plans for launching their own products. “Our innovative technology breakthroughs will ensure a secure and protected infrastructure far into the future. We stand to serve and support and will continue to grow in all the right areas,” concludes Temple.

Advanced Onion

Monterey, CA

Paul Temple, President & CEO

Handles many alternative customized requirements specific to an organization’s developmental needs in both government and private sectors

Advanced Onion