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CIO VendorDave Leonard, President & CEO, Darius Jakubik VP Global Sales Tom Crump, VP Engineering Dave Jinkerson, Chief Software Architect Price improvement is, and will continue to be the most potent way to enhance both revenue and profit in an organization. Unlike variable costs and overhead cuts, effective pricing (to improve both margins and revenue) require no huge sums of advertising money, no salary cuts, and no suppliers to squeeze. Therefore, the need of the hour is True value based price-analytics. The obvious question arises as to why have companies not focused more on price. The reason for this is that in the last dozen years, when analytical programs began their mainstream ascent, the information was not readily available. In the past, price management solutions were only available to the privileged few, typically costing millions.

Not anymore, thanks to Advanced Pricing Logic™, a company with total focus and adherence to this requirement and the Promoter® total price management solution.

When asked Dave Leonard, CEO of the firm attributes their distinctiveness to fact that the software solution design mirrors the needs ofthe combination of Retailer and Distributor perspective.
APL has demonstrated expertise in Price Management, Price Optimization, Kits management, Promotions, Everyday Pricing, and the Science of Pricing Consulting. Currently into the fourth year in the industry, the firm has offered exceptional services to leading players like California based Original Parts Group®, and Pennsylvania based Eastwood Company.

Promoter – Pricing Software as Problem Solver

Before the Promoter® solution, pricing strategies that take into consideration multiple data points were simply too complicated to execute. The design of Promoter® price optimization is not only revolutionary in its simplicity, but also totally different and innovative in its approach. Rather than “black boxing” a magical price, the solution follows best practices modeling, ultimately leading to optimal pricing decisions and a higher awareness of what goes into a pricing decision.

The impact that Promoter’s intelligent price management will have on an organization’s bottom-line far exceeds other organizational initiatives.Attempting to reign in variable costs or pulling the advertising and marketing levers for example areexpensive initiatives. On the other hand, price changes require the ability to harness big-data analytics andthe ability to interpret those data points, and a means to execute price strategies in a timely manner.

For organizations to harness the power of pricing effectively, they need both an understanding of value-based pricing, and an effective solution to execute it. That is where pricing science and the Promoter® software suite from APL intersect
Making the transition from price-follower to price leader should not have to be a painful, misunderstood process. The Promoter® system has been providing a compelling and easy-to-use interface, which offers an impressive range of advanced pricing tools. Through these tools, customers follow their pricing goals with clarity, accuracy and without wasting time.

Through Promoter®, one can set their pricing goals upon commencing a process, thereby enabling total control on the process. Promoter empowered price automation is the ultimate pricing toolbox, forming simple steps and options for numerous strategies to be applied and incorporated as desired. For organizations to leverage effective pricing, the aspects of value-based pricing should be incorporated, which is made possible through promoter.

Towards a better future

APL’s plans are oriented towards continuous development of big data analytical Price Optimization software, for empowerment of the mid-market with enhanced competency levels. APL, through the development of exceptional software aims to result in enhanced ROI and tremendous value for organizations. The upcoming version of the APL software (VPEMS™), anticipated to be out in 2015, would contain a patent-pending, Visible Price Elasticity Modeling along with “PCDA”, (or Psychological Competitive Data Analytics) for resulting in an enhanced, yet simpler execution of price strategies and tactics.

Advanced Pricing Logic

Dave Leonard, President & CEO, Darius Jakubik VP Global Sales Tom Crump, VP Engineering Dave Jinkerson, Chief Software Architect

A provider of Price-Optimization software that helps organizations drive revenue and profitability