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Karen Thomas, President
The future of healthcare is being shaped largely by the patient engagement evolution. As population health efforts multiply, there is significant emphasis on patients to buy into their accountability. With patients becoming technologically savvy, they want healthcare to be delivered at the touch of a button. From a care provider's perspective, it is essential to know about the patient’s health when he is not on a hospital visit or connected to any physician to get required outcomes. As a home care and telehealth veteran, Karen Thomas, President of Advanced TeleHeath Solutions, believes that remote patient monitoring provides the missing link in connecting the patients to their caregivers through a range of tools and systems specifically designed to improve not only patient engagement but also health outcomes. Leveraging her decade long experience in telehealth monitoring, Karen founded Advanced TeleHealth Solutions to offer a unique remote patient monitoring service along with clinical ehealth infrastructure solutions. The scalable remote patient monitoring service delivers timely, actionable data from patients' homes to care givers improving access to care and outcomes while decreasing costs.

The company’s scalable ehealth monitoring service enables care managers to collect a wide range of health data from patients enrolled in the monitoring programs. These include vital signs, heart rate, blood pressure, weight, blood sugar, blood oxygen levels, and even electrocardiograms. A care manager can proactively identify emerging issues before they become full-blown problems and provide immediate interventions leading to improved outcome measures, reduced hospitalizations, and reduced E.D. visits. The company’s team of experts customizes the work flow and program objectives to meet the needs of healthcare organizations and their patients to produce desired outcomes and a more satisfying patient experience. “It is important to identify patients at risk and keep a track on their health to provide required assistance; that is what we aim to do through our services,” affirms Karen.

With her in-depth knowledge and expertise in telehealth monitoring, Karen steers the company forward with the aim of bringing the benefits of telehealth to a larger audience.

It is important to identify patients at risk and then track how they are doing, that is what we do through our services

This is evident from Advanced TeleHealth Solutions’ numerous clients, which include hospitals, home health companies, insurance firms, and large businesses with corporate wellness programs, ACOs, disease management organizations, and risk-prone industries. Remote patient monitoring enables healthcare providers to secure at-home patients through disease education, coaching programs, and medication compliance through continuous monitoring. Over 50,000 patients have benefited from better health outcomes, cost savings from reduced readmissions, and more efficient operations.

To further improve health outcomes, the company has carried out multiple telehealth projects to monitor and educate the patients. One such successful project was implemented for patients with congestive heart failure (CHF) who ran a high risk of exacerbation and repeated hospitalization. Advanced TeleHealth Solutions’ CHF management programs enable patients to care for their disease and engage more effectively with their healthcare providers. The program addressed self-management of the disease by providing measured adherence to established best-practice guidelines of care while maintaining continuous communication between the patient and the patient’s provider or care team. The project resulted in a reduction of 50 percent in six-month hospitalization and 73 percent reduction in 30-day hospitalization.

The company is also conducting studies on the impact of remote patient monitoring on value-based purchasing and population health and financial risk related to care. "Through these studies, our goal is to find other needs that we should be addressing and bringing to market solutions that cater to clients’ most pressing needs,” she concludes.

Advanced TeleHealth Solutions

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Karen Thomas, President

Provides monitoring services and a clinical ehealth infrastructure to lower healthcare costs and provide a premium care experience to patients and clients

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