Advantech: Enabling the Future of IoT

Chingpo Lin, Associate Vice President
With rapid advancements in the IoT sphere, the energy and environment sector is ripe for IoT transformation. Industrial IoT technologies in this realm are being implemented for sensing, control monitoring, and remote communication. These technologies in combination with information integration and data analysis software aim at bringing efficiencies, improved management and decision making in factory environmental monitoring, urban environments and infrastructure, water and wastewater treatment, power and energy, intelligent energy saving, and other verticals. However, IoT deployments can be challenging in terms of quantifying ROI and providing a clear use case. This is where Advantech steps in to assist companies in achieving maximum value out of their IoT projects.

With more than 30 years of experience in system integration, hardware, software, automation, and product development, Advantech offers its intelligent suite of cloud-enabled industrial IoT solutions for enhanced energy savings and environmental practices. One of the leading hardware companies in industrial PC, Advantech brings in sustainable hardware/software products and rich domain experience in substation, renewable energy, water treatment, and pollution management to shorten the gap and accelerate customers’ time-to-market.

Governed by a mission to help system integrators enable an intelligent planet, Advantech has introduced AIoT Long Term Co-Creation Business Model that aids in the software and hardware integration for various industries, connect and build a complete industrial IoT ecosystem and value chain, and allow companies to reach a new level in IoT. Leading the IoT wave, the company’s evolution is underpinned by three phases in their AIoT Long Term Co-Creation Business Model. Phase I focuses on Automation and Embedded Platforms, Phase II includes Solution Ready Packages (SRPs) for integrating IoT software and hardware solutions with WISE-PaaS IoT Edge Intelligence, and Phase III features integrated application cloud solutions for domain-focused solution integrators.

In collaboration with system integrator partners offering versatile solutions in different domains across the globe, Advantech is currently in Phase II of its evolution, seizing the IoT opportunities.
Advantech’s SRPs offer a total solution comprising embedded hardware and an IoT software platform (PaaS). To accelerate the integration of software and hardware in each industry, Advantech’s WISE-PaaS industrial IoT cloud platform provides edge-to-cloud software and services to help system integrators and manufacturers enable IoT-powered cloud business models.

From the energy management standpoint, WISE-PaaS features DeviceM+ that brings about smart automation of operations. “We empower clients with smarter and simpler ways to automate their operations, along with helping them realize significant cost-savings on energy spending,” states Chingpo Lin, Associate Vice President at Advantech. DeviceM+ integrates with the existing systems in an organization and provides real-time insights into every process within a facility through a centralized platform. DeviceM+ can be integrated into the client’s existing system by connecting credentials like data collectors, visualizers, and controllers to the current system. This is followed by the configuration of devices, visualizations, machine profile, connectivity management, and alarm notification in the architecture. The dashboard auto-generation service facilitates access to all the data and reports concerning the established devices and their performances anywhere, anytime, both on mobile and desktop applications. The solution also offers different assistive dashboards for CNC, water treatment, energy, factory OEE, ADAM, and more.

By creating a connected framework between devices and processes, Advantech enables companies to have an overview and understanding of machine use, machine profile, and tools to drive performance. Added to this, Advantech’s micro-services that come as a part of the platform help clients to efficiently manage their energy usage. “Advantech clearly delivers an open platform that combines various energy and environment applications, and also displays real-time information for management, overseeing and controlling onsite operations,” Lin says.

Advantech looks forward to further developing and deploying the DeviceM+ for improved energy management in renewable energy, CNC management, environmental supervisory control, and distributed equipment management.


Cincinnati, OH

Chingpo Lin, Associate Vice President

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