AdvanTel: Powerful Converged Communication Network Solutions Provider

Dan Ferguson, CEO
An internationally renowned hotel needed to fulfill the expectations of discerning guests, which included not only luxurious accommodations, but state-of-the-art electronic technologies as well. The hotel’s IT team wanted to replace their older telephone system as it was showing signs of deterioration—delivering alarms almost daily and dropping calls. With the desire to build a VoIP platforms from suppliers like Juniper and Avaya, who could provide leading edge hospitality communications systems both now and in the future, the hotel approached Advantel Networks. “As a Value-Added Reseller (VAR), we implemented Juniper Network’s and other vendor solutions,” says Dan Ferguson, CEO, AdvanTel Networks. Advantel Networks incorporated Juniper’s all-in-one SRX firewall, security, gateway, router, and Juniper EX4200 Series POE Switches with Juniper EX3200 48-port switches in the hotel’s system to power phones and the main data room. “All these solutions placed the client at the forefront of telecommunications for the hospitality industry,” adds Ferguson. Headquartered in San Jose, CA, AdvanTel Networks—a technology provider that designs, implements, and maintains powerful converged communication solutions—is partnered with Juniper to build cloud-ready High-IQ networks, helping companies connect data, people, and business value. Being an elite partner of Juniper, the company provides best-of-breed integrated voice and data solutions to clients.

The company is focused on delivering solutions and services for verticals like contact centers, project management, traditional voice and VoIP, Security, LAN/Wireless/WAN, consultation, and integrated service. To keep a business and its system running, organizations need a concrete data center. AdvanTel Networks not only designs and implements sophisticated enterprise data centers, but also optimizes the existing one by utilizing virtualization technology. “We offer a wide range of data center solutions, assisting clients organize their operations, and reduce the risk of IT disruptions and technical problems,” says Ferguson. These solutions also minimize the expenses and complexity while increasing efficiency. The company’s data center solutions portfolio features data networking, HVAC (heating, ventilation, and air conditioning), data storage, compliance, and audit certification.
Alongside keeping data center or physical infrastructure updated with the latest technology, AdavnTel Networks also assures fast and seamless data exchange between various business components. The company’s cutting-edge data networking and voice solutions help to communicate and exchange data across different platforms. “Whether it’s sending files from laptops to a mobile device or holding a video conference between tablets and desktop computers, we take network services one step further by providing top-notch security measures to ensure that data and communication stays private and safe,” says Ferguson. The company also provides the benefit of data backup with the advantage of remote operations. “We utilize advance Virtual Private Network (VPN) solutions that provide an extra boost of security for remote users,” adds Ferguson. The company monitors its clients’ networks in real-time to ensure that any security glitches are detected and addressed immediately. Irrespective of the size of the network, AdvanTel Networks employs fault detection and diagnostics including intrusion detection and prevention, web filtering, firewall, content security, and anti-virus. All these services are offered in partnership with best-of-breed IT security expert—Juniper.

Being an elite partner of Juniper, we provide best-of-breed integrated voice and data solutions to clients

Advantel Networks, in association with Juniper has gained expertise in implementing and maintaining powerful communication solutions. AdvanTel Networks has recently expanded its sales team in San Francisco to address the region’s growing business demands and to further establish the company’s West Coast footprint. The company has also brought together a new, but closely knit team of client advocates to serve its existing customers, while continuing to focus on providing efficient solutions to its newly acquired clients.


San Jose, CA

Dan Ferguson, CEO

A technology provider that designs, implements and maintains powerful converged communication solutions