Advantest: Delivering Innovative Test Systems for Semiconductor Industry

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Yoshiaki Yoshida, President & CEO
Electronics and semiconductor industries have overtaken other industries in research and development due to emphasis on the need to create innovative products and services faster and cheaper than ever before. Refining its electronic measurement technologies in-line with the constant evolution of the industry is Advantest an electronic and semiconductor industry manufacturer. Advantest manufactures Automatic Test Equipment (ATE) for the semiconductor industry, measuring instruments for design, production and maintenance of electronic systems like fiber optic and wireless communications equipment and digital consumer products. Today, its core product segment ATE is used to verify if advanced ICs perform as designed and subsequently incorporate the successful semiconductors from the test into varied products.

Focused on semiconductor and component test system, mechatronics system, field services and business field, Advantest produces semiconductor and component test system like ATE, System-on-Chip (SoC) test system and memory test system, mechatronics system like device interface and nanotechnology and involves in providing comprehensive field services. Customers like chip makers in need of ATE often turn to Advantest which with its ATE verifies the quality, performance and reliability by electrically testing the complex and diverse functions of semiconductors with high accuracy. Advantest’s SoC test system offers greater functionality while maintaining low cost of test to meet industry requirements. For instance VN3000 SoC Test System with its scalable platform architecture tests a wide range of devices, from low cost IoT to high end, such as advanced automotive devices or highly integrated multicore processors. A shift to higher speed and greater device capacity in market has led to development of semiconductor memories with high data-transfer speeds.

On the other hand in device interfacing, Advantest provides peripheral devices for semiconductor testing such as device interfaces necessary when electrically connecting test systems and semiconductors. Also, it provides peripheral devices for test handlers that transport packaged semiconductors to test systems.

Advantest plans its future to cater to the needs of the semiconductor supply chain in 5G era

Its nanotechnology business spins around in providing devices that conduct fine exposure, processing and measurement using electron beams (EB) for silicon wafers and photomasks. These devices are used in mass production processes of major semiconductor manufacturers and the development of leading-edge semiconductor processes. Furthermore, the services and support sector of the company strives to improve productivity on customer sites such as early launch of mass production tests for new devices with its field services. Also, it provides improvements to the operation rate on all test floors, including installation support and maintenance of test services. Also, it supplies enterprise Solid State Drives (SSD) that are expanding the adoption of high-end databases, client SSD that support a generation of IoT, and devices that test the system level. In addition to that, Advantest shapes business departments which conduct the sale of used semiconductors, component test systems, commercial mechatronic products, a device leasing business and a new planning business among other ventures.

For over a half century, Advantest has been designing innovative electronic measuring equipment and semiconductor test systems and has currently partnered with MultiLane Inc. to build instrumentation that advances the V93000 platform’s ability to cost-effectively test the next generation of digital high-speed interfaces. The collaboration has resulted in its recent release of Plugable High-Speed Test Instruments which is a highly integrated solution for the V93000 Platform. It brings high-frequency resources PAM4 and NRZ close to the Device Under Test (DUT) and significantly enhances signal integrity and test accuracy. The arrival of the 5G era presents a tremendous business opportunity for Advantest with its significant demand for 5G semiconductor test, and rapid progress in autonomous driving, smart devices, and artificial intelligence. In order to secure further growth, Advantest plans its future to cater to the needs of the semiconductor supply chain in 5G era.


San Jose, CA

Yoshiaki Yoshida, President & CEO

Advantest Corporation is a manufacturer of automatic test equipment for the semiconductor industry, and a manufacturer of measuring instruments used in the design, production and maintenance of electronic systems including fiber optic and wireless communications equipment and digital consumer products. It produces semiconductor testing devices and electronic measuring instruments large-scale integration (LSI) test systems, memory test systems, dynamic test handlers, network analyzers, electronic meters, optical testing devices, and signal sources. Most of Advantest's operations center around its semiconductor production equipment, including its extensive line of specialized ATE gear, as well as electron-beam lithography equipment