Advantix Marketing: Adept Data Analysis Effectively Addresses Marketing Challenges

Peter Handy, CEO
Digital marketing, by any measure, is growing at a remarkable rate. There is an increasing need for services that leverage expertise in business and information technology in order to design and implement successful online marketing strategies for enterprises.

As a seasoned veteran of the broadcast media industry, Peter Handy, CEO of Advantix Marketing, recognized a gap in the expertise of most online marketing firms: he observed that most existing digital marketing firms lacked the savvy and nuance of the classic marketer. “While working with numerous ad campaigns around the region, I discovered a disconnection between traditional and digital marketing,” says Peter. Peter’s desire to bridge this disconnect culminated in his acquisition of Advantix Marketing, an agency which marries time-tested traditional marketing techniques with cutting-edge data analytics.

Headquartered in Dallas, TX, with offices in North Carolina and Southern California, Advantix is a leading digital marketing firm which provides effective search engine optimization, paid traffic generation, social media marketing and online reputation management services to hundreds of clients across the country. As a Google All-Star Agency Partner, an honor given to the top 0.5% of online marketing agencies in the world, Advantix utilizes its expertise in online marketing to make accurate and abundant data a vital component in decision-making.

Alex Doubet, COO of Advantix, notes “Google and other search engines are capable of providing an unbelievable mountain of data. Buried within that data are insights not only for marketing, but also for business decisions”. Experts in creating online sales funnels to attract potential customers, Advantix makes a practice of constantly utilizing this data to craft better campaigns, as well as engaging with its clients to report on results and strategize about next steps.

Indeed, Advantix Marketing is capable of gathering 300 pages worth of data, and compiling it into succinct 3-page reports for clients. Using customized algorithms to draw out relevant data, and input from its team of Google, Bing, and Marin Software certified analysts, Advantix optimizes client campaigns for marketing on multiple channels.
And, with a team of Google engineers assigned to assist its marketing services as an All- Star Agency, Advantix has an undoubted edge in harnessing valuable information for client success.

Advantix’s Search Engine Optimization (SEO) attracts prospective leads organically, establishes a continuous stream of online visitors, and ultimately converts leads to customers at a higher rate. Paid Traffic Generation plays a similar role to that of SEO, but goes one step further in generating leads based on targeted advertisements.
Automated Lead Nurturing focuses on high-value email campaigns that target potential customers, and ensures that Advantix clients consistently follow up with prospective leads to convert them into loyal customers. Advantix also offers a range of Social Media Marketing (SMM) strategies, which leverage the infectious nature of online content to help clients establish regular, two-way communication with target audiences and develop brand evangelists.

We are capable of gathering 300 pages of data and compiling it into three pages of information for our customers

Google’s recognition of the high caliber of Advantix Marketing’s services has led to a broad recognition of Advantix as a firm to be reckoned within the industry. Working with chain retailers, schools, hospitals and media agencies, Advantix is dedicated to providing cost-effective solutions to strengthen client business. “While closely working with customers, we are aware of the budget constraints faced by our clients. Advantix helps clients curtail costs by providing efficient solutions to achieve good results,” says Handy. Adding to all this, Advantix Marketing’s timely assistance to customers’ needs accentuates their appeal in the market, drastically boosting the growth of the firm in the region.

Advantix Marketing

Dallas, TX

Peter Handy, CEO and Alex Doubet, COO

Specializes in Digital Marketing Services, including Search Engine Optimization, Paid Traffic Generation, Social Media Marketing and Online Reputation Management.