Adventace: Create the High Performance Sales Environment

Robert Junke, Founder & CEO
With changing business dynamics and increasing competition, organizations are making significant investments in CRM to transform their businesses. Today, organizations are using CRM to facilitate a broad spectrum of decisions ranging from forecasting operations to new product development and future investments. However, most of the available CRM solutions fail to deliver on those expectations, simply resulting in the delivery of bad information faster and a continuation of suboptimal performance.

With an aim to address these challenges, Adventace delivers an app that automates sales top-down. “Our holistic app is built with the core mission to approach the sales operation with a comprehensive set of needs in mind,” says Robert Junke, Founder and CEO, Adventace, and author of the best selling book, Create the High Performance Sales Environment.

Partnering with, Adventace designed its flagship product, the Adventace Sales Management System (SMS) to help management better drive their sales operation. SMS is a methodology-independent app that automates key functions of sales executives and sales managers, while providing sales people with the means to differentiate themselves from the competition, all backed by an underlying system to achieve metric-based performance improvement. The key functions of the application are provided through four key tabs— P e r f o r m a n c e Metrics, Skill Development, Pipelines, and Opportunities.

Information in the Performance Metrics tab was specifically designed to help Sales Executives by providing key leading performance metrics. Executives can start by analyzing mission critical goal Vs. actual performance metrics at the organizational level. And, with simple clicks, they can easily drill down to any level of their organization, identify where gaps exists, and then proactively work with their management team to resolve them.

For Sales Managers, the Opportunities tab helps them quickly identify and rectify problem areas on opportunities, while better managing resources. The Pipelines tab helps Sales Managers by performing a complete pipeline analysis. It determines a Seller’s optimal pipeline goal for each sales stage and then provides a color-coded pipeline identifying where gaps exist so they can be rectified.
“Sales Managers help their Sellers strive for continuous pipeline balance, eliminating the annual roller coaster ride experienced by most,” said Junke.

He went on to say, “We’ve also made Seller skill development easy and effective for Sales Managers.” Managers can score Sellers on ten key skills. Then, based on those scores, SMS provides the Manager with the appropriate Personal Development Plan to help them measurably improve a Seller’s performance.

Our holistic methodology is built with the core mission to approach the sales operation with a comprehensive set of needs in mind

The Opportunities tab provides key differentiators for Sales People. After a sales call Sellers can easily generate emails summarizing key finding back to their buyer. Through a buyer-customized knowledge repository the seller can select all key items identified during need development, and build an Action Plan identifying the agreed upon sequence of events leading to a buy decision.

Through its email templates, SMS then merges the information into the desired email, and in minutes the seller can send it to their buyer. “The email can then be used throughout the sell cycle by the sales team so that everyone stays on the same page,” states Junke. The ease-of-use functionality and “seller oriented” capabilities in SMS drive CRM adoption and usage among sellers.

Newforma, a project information management company, uses Adventace SMS. Demonstrating the prowess of the app, their Chief Customer Officer, Alan Facey, said, “For the first time, sales and sales management methodology is echoed in through the Adventace SMS™ application.”

Moving forward, Adventace is planning to deploy several new capabilities, including a significant knowledge repository capability. “We aim to assist client sales representatives with onboarding and call preparation to dramatically reduce the time it takes to build balanced pipelines and close their first sales,” concludes Junke.


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Robert Junke, Founder & CEO

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