Driving Criminal Justice Efficiency

Josh Hartlage, President
In the present scenario, where the count of incarcerated inmates is going out of bounds, criminal justice agencies including probation officers, prosecutors, sheriffs, and judges in county government agencies are experiencing tremendous challenges in administering criminal justice in their jurisdictions. The limited resources and lack of funds augment the operational woes. With an impulsion to drive the efficiency and effectiveness of these institutions in accomplishing their tasks, Kentucky-based develops unique online solutions. Besides providing first-time offenders with behavior changing online courses, adventfs. com provides billing technology for outstanding booking and boarding fees from detainees who have completed their incarcerations, as well as document management technology for county officials. “Through our feature-rich solutions, we streamline the workflows of county government and law enforcement agencies without requiring upfront capital investment,” says Josh Hartlage, President of

Highly motivated to make first-time offenders socially responsible, has come up with a unique online portal— ‘Advent eLearning.’ The company hosts over 15 evidence-based educational programs and offers those to criminal justice personnel to educate offenders. Once assigned, offenders can go online, register for a course, make the required payment, attend online sessions, and take tests to complete the registered course, and officers can track the progress of offenders throughout the process. For instance, helped a New York-based district attorney find a way to avoid the prosecution of people accused of abusing marijuana and also mapped techniques to correct the behavior of those students. The prosecutor leveraged's platform to educate those students about marijuana and made sure that these one-time mistakes do not turn into serial convictions. In the last year alone, has added about 120 new agencies and reported a growth of almost 25 percent.

With an aim to streamline the workflow of detention centers in recovering outstanding booking and boarding fees, medical co-pays, and property damage fees from inmates, arms law enforcement agencies with the 'Pay My Jailer' online solution.

Through our feature-rich solutions, we streamline the workflows of county government and law enforcement agencies without requiring upfront capital investment

The solution offers agencies with a payment channel through which they can collect the outstanding fees owed by the offenders. The additional un-budgeted revenue generated through the solution helps agencies to improve their services. Take for instance the 1500-bed detention center in Florida that recovers up to $80,000 annually using this solution. The detention center utilizes these funds to enroll more security officers and add upgraded equipment.

Recently, acquired a document management platform ‘SentryFile,’ from a Canadian company, to help county government agencies move away from the manual paper-based legacy workflow. With auto-capture and workflow capabilities, SentryFile serves the document management needs of more than 800 small or medium-sized companies across the globe. One client, a prosecutor in Kentucky, uses SentryFile to manage all documents needed to prosecute cases. The system allows the client to function efficiently without all the costs and headache of handling paper.

A consistent and innovative solution provider for public sector agencies, serves as a portable and mobile solution for its clients and helps them minimize their administrative burden. With a fleet of forward-thinkers and technology innovators in its team, is well-poised to add more robust functionalities to its platform in the days ahead.


Elizabethtown, KY

Josh Hartlage, President

Description serves as a principal provider of technology-based solutions that make government offices more efficient. The solution has provided the company with a unique perspective regarding the needs of local government and has led the company to introduce a number of new products during its years in business including Advent eLearning and Pay My Jailer. Relying on a team of forward-thinkers with financial and information technology backgrounds, stands ready to provide service for its existing and new customers well into the future