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Due to technology limitations at the time of their last technology refresh, a leading integrated property group faced a particular challenge. As their current backup plan involved backing up their business data to tape, and physically transporting it to a secondary location for storage afterwards, there was a lack of disaster recovery infrastructure with short recovery time objective. Furthermore, owing to the slow writing speed, backup could only be done once every 24 hours which was not only labor-intensive, but also expensive and unreliable. Perplexed by the quandary at hand, the group consulted Adventus, a pioneer in the ICT industry, and what followed next was exemplary! Adventus revamped the backup and disaster recovery solution by redesigning storage volume and Logical Unit Number (LUN), setting up a standby virtual host for automatic failover replication of backup images in real time, and placed a disaster recovery infrastructure at a secondary site. Needless to say, there is a clear rationale why the group was impressed by the proficiency and efficiency of the Adventus Team.

Traditionally, customers had to fork out huge sums upfront for their IT Infrastructure needs and employ a team of IT professionals to run them. Breaking this mold and arduous status-quo is Adventus. “With us, customers can adopt technology easily and speedily through our monthly subscription-based payment model,” says Don Foo, Managing Director at Adventus. Backed by a team of experienced consultants and engineers, extensive in-house testing and research facilities, Adventus has developed a high-level of competency across a wide range of ICT disciplines, including systems, network, security, communications, disaster recovery, document management, enterprise printing, and cloud.

The company designs and builds a client’s IT infrastructure either on-premise or on the Adventus Cloud, and assumes operational responsibility thereafter with stringent SLAs. Clients are able to trade in their old systems and get new systems deployed. Adventus stands firmly by its philosophy of being vendor-agnostic and brings objectivity in the recommendation and choice of technologies that best suit their clients’ needs. Starting with assessing the existing environment, they perform gap analysis, strategy formulation, solution implementation, and finally, implementation testing, following a structured methodology which is ISO-certified. The experiences, methodology, knowledge, and toolsets applicable on one area are transferable across different areas.

At Adventus, we are obsessed with consistently delivering intelligent IT solutions alongside impeccable services that propel businesses into the future

For example, their cloud infrastructure for one technological landscape can be used to complement a vast range of infra services of other industries. Their 24/7 IT Helpdesk provides support across multiple platforms and services.

The firm’s latest offering is Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS) on their cloud where customers can build a DR Infrastructure with Adventus at a much lower price, securely and efficiently. A client’s Disaster Recovery Infrastructure can be spun up by Adventus within a very short period of time compared to their competitor’s deployment methodology.

Additionally, Adventus’ organizational structure supports extensive training and continuous learning for their team of engineers to keep pace with the trending technologies; the approach, in turn, facilitates customers’ challenges to be addressed and studied upon. What makes it even better is their strong network of technology partners that contribute enormous values for its client organizations. “We are driven by our belief that smarter businesses make the world a better place. At Adventus, we are obsessed with consistently delivering intelligent IT solutions alongside impeccable services that propel businesses into the future,” informs Don Foo.

With a glorious past and an equally splendid present, the company looks all set to conquer the upcoming challenges. Increasing the market share of their infrastructure business, broadening their product tree, and expanding geographically across more cities in the Asia Pacific region are what the company envisions to accomplish in the days to come.


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Don Foo, Managing Director

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