Advice Interactive Group: Redefining Digital Strategy with Engaging Websites

Bernadette Coleman, CEO Who saw it coming a revolution sparked by the World Wide Web redefined the way the business is carried out. Abolishing the dystopian past where building a business was seen as a craft of the wealthy or highly educated, today the internet is levelling the ground for all a viable idea and a website gets things started. With the growing predominance of internet in businesses, GoDaddy, a domain registrar and web hosting company, revealed in its study that 83 percent of U.S. based small scale companies believe they have a competitive advantage over those without an online presence. However, with millions of businesses on internet, striving to lure billions of consumers, having a mere website will not let anyone go afar on their entrepreneurial journey. “To play in the competitive landscape of internet, high quality design that makes a website captivating and simple to navigate is what organizations need,” says Bernadette Coleman, CEO, Advice Interactive Group. “Also, websites should work according to the vectors set by Google or Yahoo search engines, to secure their position in the search results, especially as it relates to local search.” Advice Interactive Group ensures that organizations are empowered from both fronts. All this is made possible through the company’s local search technology solutions and services that include a powerful digital presence management platform for listings management, responsive web design, internet marketing, and Search Engine Optimization (SEO)—helping local vendors and brands redefine their digital strategy and embrace the opportunities created by the internet.

First Impressions that Last Forever

A lot of people believe in second chances, but many will never have a chance to redo a first impression in the world of internet. According to researchers at the Missouri University of Science and Technology, it takes less than two-tenths of a second for an online visitor to form a first opinion of a brand once they land on their website. Additionally, in another 2.6 seconds, viewer’s eyes will scan the site to draw the conclusion whether to stay or leave the page. “Given this timeframe, brands have to hit hard and strong with their website’s elegancy, ensuring they have their visitor’s attention and curiosity,” says Bernadette. With McKinney, TX headquartered Advice Interactive Group, clients are provided with unique designs for their websites, ensuring it remains aesthetically cohesive, recognizable, and easy to navigate. “Our designers focus on clear, concise layouts that promote your brand and lead visitors where they need to go,” adds Bernadette.

On the surface, to create a website may seem like a plain sailing task, but at the core it is a craft that requires appropriately placed structured data, optimized images, and vivid graphics. A user visiting a website and encountering page errors, awkwardly placed contents, or long and painful image loadings will unlikely visit the domain again. Judging by the small time frame, businesses have to leave an enduring impression, they need web strategy partners like Advice Interactive Group. The company begins with assessing their client’s business and data. “We strive to give our customer the best local digital presence management solutions starting with their website, local SEO, content and social media to strengthen their online footprint,” says Bernadette.

Given this time frame, brands and SMB's have to hit hard and strong with their digital presence, ensuring they have their visitor's attention and curiosity

To help customers increase their ranking in Google or Yahoo search results, Advice Interactive Group takes control of customer’s data and makes sure that the location data displayed on their website and the top local profiles and directories across the web is clean and accurate.

This ensures visibility across search engines and the trust factor across potential clients—which is a precursor to boost the traffic on websites. “We filter all the data and add the right information on the directories and sites that inspire action,” says Bernadette. After building a notable digital presence for clients, the company ensures that the website works at an optimum level. National Van Lines—long distance moving corporation headquartered in Illinois saw identical results for their websites when they leveraged the services of Advice Interactive Group. National Van Lines wanted to augment their potential local search and digital presence, along with moving its agents to rank higher in search results. Advice was able to generate significant results through a number of tactics developed to best optimize their agents for local search. “We started with a digital presence management cleanup campaign, submission campaign and website landing page campaign with all new architecture and content on—revamped, consolidated landing pages that was optimized for local search on the corporate site,” explains Bernadette.

Large organizations struggle with keeping their ranking high due to the vast amount of unstructured and inaccurate data stacked up on their websites and across the web. “Sometimes Franchisers and franchisees each own their set of websites, illustrating information about their location or news—these sites can reach 100s or even 1,000s in count,” argues Bernadette. “So when websites are created—by a franchiser or franchisee— both may have different tracking or location phone numbers on it.” The data obtained from these data sources create a chaos for the brand, not to mention inconsistencies in the search engines. On one occasion, a services company was grappling with similar issues. This client of Advice Interactive Group had geographical presence at 1400 locations with different websites having multiple contact details listed. “We consolidated and cleaned up their entire location data and all the different landing pages from the websites,” adds Bernadette. Advice Interactive Group also created an architecture that optimizes the user experience and drives valuable returns for the client. With this, the customer was not only able to double their revenue, but earned new leads as well in locations where they didn’t have offices that they were able to monetize.

Become Beloved by the Search Engines

Google needs no introduction. Organizations see it as a bridge to connect with millions of potential customers, and some embrace it as a map to find what they need. And for this reason, it is mandatory for websites to follow the standards set forth by Google if they wish to spike their ranking in search results. “Google is the trend centre and hence we make sure everything we do remains in compliance with Google best practices and standards,” says Bernadette.
She goes on to say, “For Google, it is important that the location data is correct, the site is mobile friendly and pages load fast and so we make sure it does.”

An easy to navigate architecture of a website also comes in the directives of Google—and Advice Interactive Group ensures this through its Website Architecture services. This offering will comply with the new Accelerated Mobile Pages Project Google just announced, for a faster, open mobile web which will improve a site’s crawlability, establishes hierarchy of information, decreases a website’s bounce rate and improves page loading time. “Whether it’s an eCommerce, local landing pages or responsive site, our team can architect a functional and attractive site navigation and page layout for improved user experience and SEO,” adds Bernadette.

"Whether it's an ecommerce, mobile solution or local landing pages, our team can architect a functional and attractive solution including, site navigation and page layout for improved user experience and SEO".

Advice Interactive Group pays a close heed to measure how well a website is designed after completion of every project. The company follows strict guidelines to name Uniform Resource Identifiers (URIs) and optimizes the images on the site that comply vehemently with Google environment. “We follow ‘The Usability Guidelines’ which we have developed internally, keeping all the necessaries and mandates in mind to build a powerhouse website. Every time we make any website for a client, we follow the guidelines so that every requirement is met and the website remains compliant across the internet,” says Bernadette. Advice Interactive Group is also World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) compliant. It signifies that the used style sheets, designing templates, and mark-ups are efficient, resulting in cleaner code, fewer errors, and advertising of the website in the utmost professional way.

Staying Ahead of the Game

Advice Interactive Group sees itself not just as an agency, but a technology company. Embracing technology to the fullest can enable organizations to move in the direction of pre-eminence and Advice Interactive Group intends to manifest the same for their own and their customers. Drawing the line between themselves and the competition, the company believes in developing solutions as per the needs of the client, which complement their goals and strategies. “We have our own R&D department where we constantly examine our products and services with a focus on location management,” says Bernadette. In their innovation lab, Advice Interactive Group fabricates solutions that ensure smooth running of their digital presence management platform, websites and local SEO, delivering results, and driving revenue. These approaches have landed various customers for the company, primarily in the vertical space. For the days to come, Advice Interactive Group will be seen making partnerships and discovering more prudent technologies to become a dominant player in the industry of digital presence management.

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