AdvizeX Technologies: Advisory Components to Help Design the Right IT Infrastructure

CIO VendorJohn Brier, CTO
Adhering to “clients for life” philosophy in the everchanging complexities of the IT landscape, AdvizeX Technologies is a trusted partner, charting a migration path towards the next-generation IT systems to best support customers’ business goals. Headquartered in Independence, OH, AdvizeX’s team of seasoned IT professionals and consultants impart deep technical skills in partnership with few select strategic players such as Microsoft, HP, Cisco, VMware, and EMC2. AdvizeX becomes an extension of each partner to provide the same level of expertise and knowledge to its loyal customers.

With a compounded growth rate of 20 percent annually, the company’s advisory services help customers ascertain business requirements and design right solutions to maximize business impact. “AdvizeX offers a complete solution lifecycle to customers through a Plan, Build, and Manage approach. In the plan space, our advisory services help match customer’s business requirements to their IT capabilities and build out a roadmap to help companies realize the full value of their IT investment. In the build space, our focus is on the design and implementation of any Microsoft technology such as implementing SQL Server for a business intelligence project or a SharePoint for a collaboration project, to name a few. In the manage space, we offer full managed services in any Microsoft technology regardless of its location at a Customer’s site or in the cloud,” says John Brier, CTO, AdvizeX Technologies.

AdvizeX’s Advisory Consultants analyze the business requirements to design the right solutions for customers. They leverage a unique vendor-agnostic assessment tool called Advizer™ that accurately benchmarks the current state of the customer’s technology infrastructure and identifies gaps in eight critical domains—virtualization, platforms, networking, storage, applications, security, backup and recovery, and business continuity. The Advizer™ tool also evaluates customer’s current environment based on over 800 weighted characteristics and provides results in the form of an objective and easily accessible format, including effort benefit quadrants, SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats) analysis, and other trusted business strategies.
One of the company’s key differentiators is in evaluating the software applications’ performance before the actual deployment. “We study the business case and build everything before the actual implementation, which minimizes the risk and saves valuable planning and preparation time. We can also custom design the application and also manage it depending on the business need,” explains Brier. AdvizeX’s strategically located solution centers allow customers and prospects to view simulations of multivendor end-to-end solutions that are fully score carded.

Our strategically located solution centers allow customers and prospects to view simulations of multi-vendor end-to-end solutions that are fully scorecarded

With over 2,500 customers spanning all major vertical markets including manufacturing, healthcare, higher education, government, financial, and retail, AdvizeX’s corporate experience honed over 35 years is helping the clients optimize their IT budgets. For instance, in the healthcare vertical, a client, having made 12 different acquisitions was saddled with 52 data centers, and faced consolidation issues. The consultants from AdvizeX helped them to optimize the data centers into primary and back-up data centers. They also completely revamped the active directory and consolidated into one e-mail exchange. The common application platform resulted in more than 3 million dollars a year in operational savings for the client and allowed them to do newer acquisitions quickly.

“We understand the technology trends by talking to our partners and help our customers apply these technologies to add business value,” says Brier. On AdvizeX’s future path, Brier reveals that in addition to cloud services, the focus is on helping customers understand the business and regulatory requirements, management and security, for mobile device. The plan is to help build the next generation of applications that are ready for the mobile environment in a secure way.

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John Brier, CTO

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