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Jonathan Reed, Co-Founder and CEO
The changing legal landscape and global IT security threats have forced law firms and corporate counsel departments to revamp their existing approach to matter management. “Organizations serving in the legal domain need to capture and utilize critical matter information in a secure manner to maintain the confidence of their clients and to keep track of, and optimize legal business processes,” says Jonathan Reed, Co-Founder and CEO, AdvoLogix. In this regard, the company offers the AdvoLogix Matter Management platform to help corporate counsels around the world to streamline legal processes and enable transformational matter management. Built cloud-first on's Customer Success Platform, AdvoLogix provides a unique set of adaptable matter management components in an extensible cloud solution community driving 50 percent growth rates for the company. “Our platform gives corporate counsels the ability to prioritize demands for legal services based on criticality, and focus on correct legal resources for those matters,” explains Reed.

The platform is a matter-centric solution that allows corporate counsels to manage all information related to legal issues, using functionality including: Matter Calendar, Matter Planner, Reporting and Dashboards, Action Plan and Process Builder. The Matter Calendar presents information related to legal matters on a single screen, allowing users to analyze critical activities, and provide different visualizations of key matter planning information. The platform hosts an innovative tool called Action Plans that gives users the ability to create templates based on specific and repeatable series of activities to execute on a matter. “Action Plan Templates accelerate the process of creating new action plans, and standardizes, optimizes, and improves existing legal processes,” asserts Reed. The platform has a centralized repository that enables users to generate reports to gain insights into KPIs, matters being executed including stages, as well as activities and corresponding statuses. Reports generated provide valuable insight and can be automatically scheduled to be shared with stakeholders.

Utilizing the platform, many of AdvoLogix’s clients have found ease in managing matters, contacts, tasks, events, research, and deadlines in seamless and transparent workflows.
A multinational insurance company based out of the United Kingdom stands testimonial to the efficiency of the adept platform. The insurance behemoth was challenged by the task of managing their internal legal workload and was unable to prioritize and manage work across attorneys or gauge the correct number and skill level of attorneys on staff. The company employed AdvoLogix’s Matter Management platform to help streamline initiatives, organize and balance workloads, and accelerate actions on critical legal issues. “The platform allowed the insurance company to create an intake form for all employees. The intake form ensured collection of the right information at matter onset which fed a triage process and routing protocol based on attorney skillsets,” says Reed. Now, the company has the ability to manage workloads across attorneys, work on the most critical matters first, and utilize the right skills on the right matters. Risk is mitigated and internal and external legal spend is optimized.

Legal Demand Management and Action Plans optimize and standardize existing legal processes by allowing effective planning, monitoring of consistent execution, and providing clear insight into resources associated with quality legal delivery

The growing list of clients and success stories are part of the evolution of AdvoLogix. Reed gives credit to the platform that has given agility and configurability to their platform. “We have been able to deliver a better way to manage legal matters,” states Reed. The company is looking forward to leverage’s multilingual, multi-currency support to increase its global footprints. In terms of technology, the solution integrates work processes with Outlook365™, Gmail™, NetDocuments, WebMerge™, Worldox®, Juris, and many others. A promising and exciting future lies ahead for AdvoLogix.


Sugar Land, TX

Jonathan Reed, Co-Founder and CEO

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