AEC Group: End-to-End Integration, Infrastructure and Security Solutions for Enhanced Profitability

Brian Lesniakowski, CTO
With data brimming over in existing storage systems and compute clusters, virtualization is seen as a solution to help mitigate the headache of data management, as well as an enabler that allows companies to keep up with changing technology trends. But, moving data on the cloud space with the best architecture and most appropriate platform is certainly not a cakewalk as it is often bogged by compliance issues and customer demands. “We take hints from the research reports, market predictions and customer feedback, and align them with our core product stack to address challenges for our customers,” says Brian Lesniakowski, CTO of AEC Group, a Pittsburgh based provider of technology services that deliver infrastructure, virtualization, and communication solutions to enterprises.

“We choose the best of breed products and solutions, and make sure we encompass everything—right from pre-sales design, educating the customer about the solution, acquisition, implementation, and post sales support,” adds Lesniakowski. With EMC as a partner for the past 15 years, the company’s primary focus lies in enabling customers to choose products that comply with industry standards and growth on their IT framework. “Our customers are interested in our solutions built around EMC and it is an area where they have confidence in us. We see most of the traction around the adoption of solid state and hybrid storage systems, and replication or recovery offerings from EMC that can negate challenges like disk throughput, response times, and site recovery, while maintaining a single management architecture,” adds Lesniakowski, listing out AEC solution stack that include back office infrastructure, IT management, mobility, security, and application access.

The successful outcomes achieved by many clients ranging from healthcare, legal, banking and financial sector where there are urgent requirements to handle big data, security, and compliance serves as evidence for AEC and EMC’s winning combination. “Our product solutions and designs are adjusted to accommodate the demand for value while meeting our customer needs. This is due to the combined efforts of OEM technology partners and our experienced engineers in architecting multi-vendor complex designs, and the OEMs providing assistance to us in bringing great products to market,” Lesniakowski quotes.

We stand by our customers by offering the best of breed technology and data storage solutions to assist them throughout their decision making, implementation and post implementation process

In one of the instances, AEC helped a renowned pharmaceutical company that was suffering from an inability to handle their internal growth and high database transaction workloads. The firm had an irregular mix of Linux and Windows operating systems and needed a solution that can make their data handling more manageable as well as recoverable thorough multiple campuses. AEC developed virtualization strategy on various platforms that were connected to EMC on the back-end and leveraged its recovery and replication strategy using RecoverPoint. The customer was given a formidable platform to tame the influx of data and address issues they were likely to encounter in the next 12 months as well as predict their areas of growth.

AEC has over 200 small, mid-sized, and global fortune 100 companies in its customer base and is also witnessing much acclaim especially around the industrial side of infrastructure, natural gas, and service sectors. “These areas are an interesting workplace for us. They are slowly embracing changes and have recognized the need to thwart complexities related to connectivity,” says Lesniakowski. The company’s laudable philosophy of serving customers with utmost loyalty and assistance throughout the decision making, planning, and predicting the road map reflects Lesniakowski’s belief in staying aggressive to avoid failures. AEC’s plans for the future include identifying ways to get their customers on the hybrid cloud environment by integrating them with the best service vendor.

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Brian Lesniakowski, CTO

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