Aegis Identity: The Simple, Safe and Trusted Identity and Access Management Solution for K-12

Bob Lamvik, CEO
Education organizations face unique challenges when attempting to realize the value of 21st century educational tools and resources to advance student outcomes. Applications continue to emerge as part of the evolution of learning, yet pose difficulty in managing through the technology department and the associated personnel costs. These technologies put a great amount of onus on the individual teachers to keep up with ensuring student Identity and roster accuracy thereby away from valuable classroom time, “The Tsunami in Digital Education.” The potential for student personally identifiable information to be utilized for non-educational purposes increases putting students, their identity and privacy at risk.

Aegis Identity’s TridentK12 Identity and Access Management solution provides students, educators, families, partners, and other Digital Citizens simple and secure access to educational systems and resources both within a district and across other trusted educational institutions. " TridentK12 is an identity management application built specifically for K12, and provides the best provisioning, password management, and identity synchronization for this market," says Jat Pannu, COO, Aegis Identity. TridentK12 provides a flexible and cost effective solution to districts for Provisioning, Identity Management, Single Sign-on (SSO), Self-service, Password Synchronization, Reconciliation, and Audit/Reporting. TridentK12 provides districts with trust, transparency, control, and privacy for their educational community and Digital Citizens.

In addition to this Tsunami, the number of students coming in and graduating each year, along with changes in the faculty, creates a daunting task for schools to management of this large collection of identities and data seamlessly. “By designing TridentK12 with the specific needs of K-12 in mind, we provide School Districts and Charter Management Organizations a simple, flexible and cost effective identity management solution that ensures a safe and secure environment for students and educators to use digital resources,” says Pannu.

TridentK12 is an identity management application built specifically for K12, and provides the best provisioning, password management, and identity synchronization for this market

Aegis Identity’s TridentK12 is an identity and access management solution that enables districts to manage identity information, and authenticate authorized access in a streamlined, efficient, and automated manner. Bob Lamvik, CEO of Aegis Identity says, “For the students, this brings more apps into the classroom, coupled with Single Sign-On (SSO) among all of the various apps that are chosen by the institution and the teachers.” The solution also offers a unique, multi-role identity feature that allows students or faculty members to be involved in more than one activity. “Our automation tools detect the new responsibilities students have and update the relevant target systems, like the transportation or the library system, to give them the required access,” Lamvik remarks. “This prevents the need to create separate identities for each role that they perform.”

In a representative use case, Bloomington, IL S87 was faced with management of the growing use of technology as part of curriculum growth, managing legacy systems, technology of individual schools, data privacy concerns, and application sprawl. By utilizing TridentK12, EduZone and Aegis Identity’s unique expertise, District 87 now provides a central location for all applications to reside regardless of whether they are District applications or single classroom applications to allow teachers to focus on student achievement.

Aegis Identity TridentK12 and other solutions and expertise empower districts to successfully address their growing digital needs.

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Bob Lamvik, CEO and Jat Pannu, COO

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