Aegis Identity Software: Creating A Growing Footprint In The Education Space

Ralph Armijo, CEO
The internet era, having digitized one’s identity, gaining access to the myriad doors of information, calls for a very secure Identity Management Solution. The impact of identity management on the education sector is challenging, with its huge headcount of students, turnover and creation of multiple access points.

Unlike corporations, academic institutions have to create a campus community, recruit and retain students, simplify administrative processes, improve learning experiences, and support research agendas – all while adhering to an ever-evolving list of regulations. Whether it is to automate the provisioning process for cost savings, enhanced security, governance initiatives, or embarking on programs to federate identities, Aegis Identity has perfected the solution.

Aegis Identity presents a contemporary solution for provisioning, password management, identity self service, audit and reporting. Provisioning, features timely creation of accounts for users and faster access to learning technologies. Password management facilitates synchronization of user names and passwords across the applications used by students, faculty, staff and constituents, increases the security of data and systems used by them and secures institutional and personal records. Identity self service enables maintenance of individual identity records and passwords. Audit and reporting enables tracking work flow while ensuring compliance with the institutions’ regulatory requirements.

For many schools password management is the first step to reaping the benefits of a full Identity Management (IDM) solution.

The TridentHE Password Management deployment positions these schools perfectly to implement the power of TridentHE Identity Manager, which provides robust account provisioning, reconciliation, integrated workflow, delegated administration, auditing, reporting and enterprise-level functionality.

Utilization of technology, based on contemporary open standards, has made solutions widely accessible, affordable and easy to support. Being a community based vendor, Aegis Identity integrates the most open technologies to deliver software that provides out-of-the-box integration for higher education environments.

TridentK12, one of Aegis Identity's key products include an open standard-based identity management solution providing best provisioning, password management and identity synchronization for K12 education and an open source software package for web single sign-on across or within organizational boundaries. This allows sites to make informed authorization decisions for individual access of protected online resources in a privacy-preserving manner.

“In a short span of 2 years, Aegis Identity has created a growing footprint in the education space with key education expert affiliations and an advisory council drawn up from major universities; it's deep knowledge creates more functionality packaged into the product, while re-emphasizing a community centric vendor approach,” says Ralph Armijo, CEO of Aegis Identity.

Prestigious projects with the likes of the IlliniCloud and Radford University in Virginia have provided Aegis Identity with a broad spectrum of valuable user feedback. For its next step, Aegis Identity envisages adding cloud-based architectural solutions to its product line.

Aegis Identity Software

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Ralph Armijo, CEO

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