Aequor Technologies: Customizing Solutions to Safeguard Human Life

Manmeet Virdi, CEO and Co-Chairman & Kamalpreet S.Virdi President and Chairman
Timelines, quality and personalized service is the key strategy followed by Manmeet Virdi, CEO and Co- Chairman and Kamalpreet S. Virdi, President and Chairman of Aequor Technologies to deliver custom solutions and services to various industries. With over a decade of expertise, Aequor has been providing IT business solutions and consulting services across numerous industry sectors. “Especially for the pharmaceutical and life sciences sector, we are leveraging technology to simplify manufacturing, provide infrastructure to support supply chain, and business intelligence tools as well as analytics to improve revenue,” says Manmeet Virdi.

Headquartered at Piscataway, NJ, Aequor works closely with the research teams of Life Sciences companies to implement automation solutions. “The knowledge acquired by providing Lab Automation and ELN engineers is helping us to provide automation solutions as a Managed Service, ”says Virdi. Aequor supports over 1900 various lab applications that provide lab automation to Electronic Notebook solutions. These applications have the capability to automate the lab processes, thereby enhancing the scientists’ performance and efficiency in R&D operations. On the consulting space, Aequor plays the role of an advisor in the areas quality and compliance to the pharmaceutical manufacturers. Since the producers are rampantly affected by the changes in regulatory, trends and technology, Aequor assists them in aligning their investments in IT and manufacturing of drugs to meet the future demands vigorously.

Additionally, the company has developed apps which help nurses to do Adverse Event (AE) search and Drug- Drug interactions (DDI). These events are reported immediately so that treatment can be reviewed. “At a consumer level these are used to enlighten the customer about the drugs. At the sales team level, the tools are used to educate the team with their competitor’s drugs and the differentiators between the company’s medicines,” claims Virdi. All the tools are primarily built to enhance customer experience resulting in more sales.

Aequor has so far tirelessly served the pharma industry to meet a standard level of compliance, automation of labs processes and quality.

The solutions we provide ensure that technology investments aid the acceleration of our clients' growth now and into the future

“Aequor is a company that listens to our customers… as a result, we gain the knowledge to better understand and interpret their strategic business agendas and deliver custom IT business solutions,” claims Virdi.

For instance, pharmaceutical firm needed an app to automate the lab process to analyze the raw data and convert them into meaningful information in order to save the time for scientists. “We designed and developed a windows application using agile development methodology. Our deliverables comprised of the Design Document, User Manual, Installation Notes, Change Request Document and Setup files,” says Virdi. With this scalable model, Aequor's application automated the entire lab processes which eventually saved the time for the scientists in analyzing the raw data. The application turned out to be a robust one after the implementation of all the validations.

A global presence and our quality of service have helped Aequor garner major clients including many Fortune 100 Life Sciences Customers. Moreover, the company’s flexible pricing and delivery model as distinguished them among other contenders in the pharmaceutical industry.

Moving forward, along with solutions and services, Aequor is working on a clear cut strategy to enhance their reach in the sector. “Our strategy is to acquire services and solutions to augment and grow our core skills.

We want to continue our fleet of services and deliver a high quality product at a much faster pace to thwart competition,” says Virdi. As part of their expansion, Aequor has already taken over six acquisitions in last few years to create a niche for themselves.

Aequor Technologies

Piscataway, NJ

Manmeet Virdi, CEO and Co-Chairman & Kamalpreet S.Virdi President and Chairman

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