Aeris: Efficient Global Cellular Network for M2M Data Transmission

Marc Jones, Chairman & CEO
In today’s global world of interconnected devices, a 2015 Gartner study reveals that M2M communication is expected to connect 1.1 billion things worldwide by the end of the year. Organizations today, are adopting Machine to Machine (M2M) technology for improving operational efficiency and enabling new revenue streams. Companies leveraging M2M connectivity require a true business partner and a network catering exclusively for machines. Based in Santa Clara, CA, Aeris offers flexible and scalable technology required for optimizing any M2M business model. Unlike the traditional operators, Aeris delivers enhanced connectivity to drive their customer’s businesses.

“Aeris’ solutions are ‘Made for Machines’. Our team is 100 percent dedicated to provide un-cluttered M2M networks,” says Marc Jones, Chairman and CEO, Aeris. The firm delivers solutions for commercial fleets, consumer vehicles, security/ alarm, healthcare, point-of-sale, monitoring & control or a utility, in order to resolve their critical M2M programs and provide a competitive edge to exceed business goals.

The AerCloud application platform tops the Aeris technology stack. This next generation platform helps M2M application developers to collect, manage and analyze their sensor data. Delivered as a PaaS, AerCloud provides a cost-effective and pay-as-you-grow model for its customers, in order to minimize their up-front expenses of a device by 10 times, while increasing customer’s scalability, bullet-proof reliability and flexibility.

Being a customer centric organization, Aeris’ AerPort connectivity enablement platform helps customers easily improve efficiency by managing and monitoring their M2M programs. AerPort delivers tools to understand operational details such as real-time reporting of usage and costs, grouped in a way to enable customers to monitor the status of their machines, and allow them to quickly troubleshoot problems. “Built on cloud technologies, AerPort’s simple and intuitive interface has allowed customers to lead industry in scalability and manage devices with high levels of automation and control,” explains Jones.
Additionally, Aeris has developed a proprietary and patented M2M core network infrastructure, AerCore, which processes millions of M2M transactions every day. AerCore works across wireless communications, such as CDMA, GSM, and LTE networks. The core network plays a crucial role in managing traffic, providing operational visibility and support, rating and billing. “Aeris aims at delivering the best cellular network, and device management suite for their customers,” adds Jones.

Likewise, the AerConnect working on similar lines as AerCore, provides cellular connectivity services revolving around CDMA, GSM, and LTE, but for both 2G and 3G. With the Aeris platform, customers can dynamically switch between wireless technologies for providing best coverage for their M2M programs. “With an extensive network of carrier relationships, Aeris technology helps its customers access over 500 carriers worldwide and provides the strongest, reliable connection available, regardless of the location or operator through AerConnect,” says Jones.

Customers often fail to gain visibility and insight into devices, connectivity, and billing information. Aeris’ analytics suite, AerVoyance proactively monitors and manages these deployments in real-time with its intuitive visual presentation. The newly launched deep and robust analytics suite allows customers to manage and monitor their deployments in real-time. The suite helps customers avoid expensive diagnostics by alerting them on failure of networks, applications, and devices.

Aeris is 100 percent dedicated to provide un-cluttered M2M networks

Aeris communication aims at understanding their customers’ goal in order to deliver intelligent, M2M solutions. “We are more than just a network provider. We encourage our customers to adopt M2M technology in a unique and innovative way,” concludes Jones


Santa Clara, CA

Marc Jones, Chairman & CEO

Provider of the most reliable, flexible and efficient global cellular network for M2M data transmission available today.