AeroScout: Dedicated To Help Customers Keep Tab On Assets

Janet Chaffin, President
AeroScout, founded in 1999 and acquired by Stanley Black & Decker in June 2012, is an industry leader in Location Based Services and Unified Asset Visibility. Through the use of Wi-Fi, the company helps customers monitor and track their assets in real-time, including people, helping them determine their location, condition and status. Headquartered in Boston, MA, the company has offices in Europe, the Middle East, Asia, Australia, and Latin America and supplies over 1,000 clients ranging from manufacturing to energy to retail to healthcare—to increase productivity, safety and security.

AeroScout’s primary products include: AeroScout Tags, the actual Wi-Fi based active RFID (radio-frequency identification) tags that help track the assets customers choose to monitor; AeroScout Location Based Services (LBS) Engine, that locates assets Geographically, whether they are indoors or outdoors and Mobile View™, a software platform that lets customers keep an eye on all its assets, and visually presents all data back to the customer. Additionally, AeroScout offers an array of professional and technical services to ensure customers meet or exceed their implementation timing and ROI goals. The company also provides a menu of training classes to enable its customers to maximize their team's ability to optimize their solutions to their maximum value.

AeroScout stands out in the market place by being the only company whose LBS technology has been embedded by Intel in their 4th generation Intel Core vPro processor family, as well as being recognized by top analysts and publications for their cutting edge technologies. The company also understands the importance of integrating its technologies to use Wi-Fi. Its products use a combination of Wi-Fi, GPS, Low Frequency, Ultrasound, RFID, and other sensors that can gauge things like movement, as well as voltage, temperature and humidity levels. These solutions enable customers to monitor and detect assets in real time, utilizing the Wi-Fi infrastructure already in place, dramatically lowering the cost of operating these series of products. Other key differentiators are the AeroScout solutions themselves. These solutions are focused on delivering significant value to the end customer. The company spends a significant investment in making sure that its solutions are complete for its customer’s needs and that it delivers significant return on investment for those customers.
One such customer that has benefited from AeroScout’s solutions is Continental Tires. This tire manufacturer’s challenge was with component work-in-process rubber, which has a short life, and was aging in production. Their scrap rate was higher than desired because of the rubber’s short shelf life and also because the operators were taking the rubber that was easiest to find rather than the next lot scheduled to be used. Once they installed AeroScout’s system and mounted ruggedized tablet computers on their tugs that interface with their material inventory system. Using this system they were able to view a map of the facility. This enables operators to quickly locate the specific lot of material that’s next in line to be processed and where it is located. Scrap was dramatically reduced, locating WIP and raw material inventory search time was slashed, improving efficiency and the overall operations of the factory.

“Now that we are part of Stanley Black & Decker, it gives us a pool of resource that we didn’t previously have and so we are able to go attack this vast market in a really robust fashion”, says Janet Chaffin, President of AeroScout Industrial. “The market itself is becoming more and more location aware and there’s an expectation in the market place now that we have real time access to location and status information,” she adds.

Through the use of Wi-Fi, customers can monitor and track their assets in real-time and determine their location, condition and status

In the future, AeroScout aims at driving its solutions towards making them even easier to deploy and use, robust and reliable, quick to implement and the highest value approach to achieving the solution to problems.


Boston, MA

Janet Chaffin, President

Improving operational efficiency that leverage standard Wi-Fi networks to track and manage the location condition and status of mobile assets and people