AESIT: Rendering Knowledge for Strategic Asset Optimization

Kenton Wingfield, President & CEO
Managing enterprise assets and their lifecycles have become an integral part of a modern day business administration. Today, robust asset management strategies help in improving asset utilization, performance, operation, and maintenance costs. Importantly, it helps organizations gain valuable knowledge in negotiating the lifecycle of their assets to its optimal duration. “The more you know about your assets, the more empowered you are to save on their optimization,” begins Kenton Wingfield, President and CEO, AESIT Government Facilities LLC. “Our dedicated team specializes in efficient asset management, and they perform a detailed requirement analysis to identify the best suited technology that meet or exceed customer expectations.” Based in Alexandria, VA, AESIT, a provider of Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) solutions, enables its clients to learn the unique characteristics (metadata) of their key assets and helps them understand how the environmental risks and processes may impact their priced commodities.

AESIT caters its EAM, Business Intelligence (BI), and Integrated Workplace Management System (IWMS) solutions to enterprises and agencies in the commercial, military, and government markets. AESIT assists its clients in the commercial market with tools that accurately analyze asset utilization costs. The company’s solutions for military purposes offer durable options for mobile asset maintenance and management tools that help with transactions involving personnel, equipment, or weaponry. AESIT also provides the central command with real-time reports of current forces’ geographic locations, video, readiness, and attrition rates.

For government agencies, AESIT designs tools that offer better understanding of assets, data, the real property portfolio, and much more. “Our experts are sensitive to special integration requirements of legacy applications and help government agencies to maintain compliance with applicable security and other directives,” affirms Wingfield. In one instance, while working with a federal government agency, AESIT helped the client to overcome limited EAM and IWMS functionalities and to realize the benefits of having a standardized database.AESIT provided the federal client with the benefits of having their data organized, following industry standard best practices and designed in a manner that makes integration with other applications seamless.

Our dedicated team of analysts, engineers, and project managers perform a detailed requirements analysis to identify the best suited technology

“It is important to integrate an EAM solution with an IWMS,” says Wingfield. AESIT’s carefully planned IWMS solution consolidates raw data from multiple applications and assists organizations in optimizing the use of resources. The company then analyzes the data and offers valuable business intelligence tools to its clients for better decision making. AESIT’s IWMS is an enterprise software platform that includes five key functionalities, each operated from a single interface and database repository where real estate management, project management, facilities and space management, maintenance management, environmental sustainability objects, and data are stored.

Additionally, AESIT’s EAM solution helps CIOs to increase visibility, improve planning and scheduling, better manage risk, reduce cost, inventory, and downtime, all while maximizing output and compliance with regulations. Business Alignment is one of the key benefits of implementing an EAM solution. The platform allows sharing and enforcement of best practices, inventory, resources, and personnel to optimize asset performance and maximize ROI.

AESIT believes that the future of EAM is in perfecting how to leverage the Internet of Things (IoT) with current and future offerings. The firm focuses on maintaining a vast network of technology partners and is pursuing discussions with technology consultants to help determine the cost and viability of using IoT as a means of providing real-time tracking of medical data. “Forging ahead, this fits well into AESIT’s intelligent data-driven solutions and goals of expanding our EAM offerings into other markets,” concludes Wingfield.


Alexandria, VA

Kenton Wingfield, President & CEO

Provides efficient tools for Business Intelligence (BI), Enterprise Asset Management (EAM), and Integrated Workplace Management System (IWMS)