Affinity Sports: An End-to-End Sports Association Management Platform

With an upsurge in professional sports and games ranging from football, basketball, rugby, and many more, copious youth and recreational sports activities have prospered all around the globe. Today, the incorporation of Cloud based data management systems have drastically improved the professional sporting experience by delivering real-time statistics along with video and photo sharing capabilities. Similarly, several recreational sporting associations are quickly acquiring highly integrated data management platforms that support mobile web and apps. However, the main challenge encountered by small recreational and sport centers is to deliver low cost, integrated platforms to expand player participation and satisfaction. To fulfill this requisite, Affinity Sport—an end-to-end sports association management platform—offers a wide range of products and services to harmonize all aspects of sports administration at each level. “Affinity rationalizes operational processes, dataflow, and communications to maximize benefits and curtail staff resources,” says Mark Skeen, CEO, Affinity Sports.

Since its inception, the San Diego, CA based company has helped many youth sports groups with data management, online registration, and risk supervision, and tournament scheduling and reporting. Affinity Sports’ software-as-a-service (SaaS) platform, ShareView encompasses numerous integrated features to control various sections of sports administration such as league scheduling and player and team management. Utilizing ShareView’s ability, leagues can quickly grow their member base and communicate quickly with organization members, teams, and volunteers. The platform also helps league administrator’s gain real-time access to information for organizing customized leagues. Besides, ShareView allows effortless evaluation of player status, fee structure determinacy, cash-flow management, and creation of remittance reports.

The ShareView platform also enables player protection with linked background checks for coaches to rapidly deliver risk status reports. ShareView also includes concussion status tracking, monitoring and comprehensive reporting for efficient player management. ShareView’s reporting dashboard includes more than 200 report formats for easy review of invoicing, players, teams, tournaments, referees, and events. Moreover, Affinity Sports offers a mobile optimized schedule link for all mobile devices and an Apple iOS app for iOS users. “The mobile app provides easy access to track scores and schedules, integrated driving directions, contact information, and flight notifications,” explains Skeen.
Affinity Sports offers a wide range of products and services designed to empower sports administrators through hi-tech web-based applications and cloud based data management. For instance, Nebraska State Soccer Association wanted a platform to manage its 70 plus member clubs and over 25,000 soccer players, 3000 coaches, referees and administrators throughout the whole state. After employing the ShareView technology platform, the state soccer association easily handled all core association operations with ease. This helped in creating all state tournaments including the Nebraska State Soccer’s annual State Cup. “We believe that our integrated ShareView technology platform considerably reduces the administrative burden on staff and empowers our sports association clients,” extols Skeen.

Affinity rationalizes operational processes, dataflow, and communications to maximize benefits and curtail staff resources

With its distinct expertise in the sports tech landscape, Affinity Sports streamlines all aspects of league management to help sports organizations, players, coaches, and administrators. One of their unique ideologies revolves around building a new sports “digital ecosystem” to deliver unmatched customer and system support for all users. Being a leading vendor in the cloud-based management systems market, Affinity also provides unrivaled customer support to help numerous sports clubs.

Recently, the company released its ShareView API to offer their sports association clients and their member clubs with seamless, integrated access to high quality products and services. Moving ahead, the company plans to further develop their technological offerings—especially the ShareView Platform— to achieve better results.

Affinity Sports

San Diego, CA

Mark Skeen, CEO

Provides a wide range of products and services to manage all aspects of youth sports administration at each level.