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Sam Culver, Portals & Collaboration Practice Lead
Founded in 2002 Affirma’s goal has been to provide customers with valuable services that guarantee the success of SharePoint projects. “We strive to deliver top-notch SharePoint intranet solutions and provide clients with SharePoint architecture planning, governance planning, branding, custom application development, and migrations,” states Sam Culver, Portals and Collaboration Practice Lead, Affirma Consulting. Over the years, Affirma has worked with hundreds of clients from several different sectors, including public service organizations, government organizations, healthcare organizations, and large, small, and non-profit companies.

“Affirma’s success is largely due to our vigilant focus on customer satisfaction,” says Culver. His team has provided several platforms for feedback that offer customers a unique voice within the company. Using the information collected through these channels, Affirma’s client-focused strategy actively streamlines customer concerns into constructive solutions. “Customer satisfaction is the lifeblood of Affirma and continues to play a key role in the company’s evolution,” he adds.

Affirma’s reputation as a client-focused consulting company both attracts and retains customers. They stay up-to-date on SharePoint and O365 through their close relationship with Microsoft, and strive to continue growing and providing their clients with greater quality in all of their projects. Affirma is a Microsoft Gold Certified SharePoint Partner, and is trusted by Microsoft to deliver excellent service to SharePoint customers.

The company was endorsed by Microsoft and has since become one of their biggest clients. For example, Affirma was given the responsibility of managing the re-architecture, custom design, content migration, site planning, end-user support, and training of over 6,500 users that were rapidly expanding the SharePoint site collections used by the Xbox engineering team. “The project included the creation of custom master page designs and page layouts for several teams, as well as updating navigation and architecture based on organizational changes,” comments Culver. Affirma also provided day-to-day support in managing permissions, auditing site growth, and answering requests from site owners and users.

Customer satisfaction is the lifeblood of Affirma and continues to play a key role in the company’s evolution

Working with Microsoft keeps Affirma ahead of the curve in SharePoint technologies.

Planning plays a key role in the successful implementation of Affirma projects, and only the most highly experienced and trained developers, engineers, and architectures are involved in the process. Project Managers take the lead, and as the project advances, information architecture planning, design planning, and custom feature planning are applied to guarantee customer satisfaction. Each stage in the process is documented and overseen by experienced managers. “Moreover, clients have access to training and other resources provided by Affirma,” states Culver.

Instead of being intimidated by challenges or requests to try new methods or technologies, Affirma embraces these opportunities and views them as a chance to improve their services and grow. Affirma’s adaptability is an asset. “We have invested greatly in innovative technologies to enhance security and adhere to the best practices regarding secure implementations of SharePoint,” he adds.

As technology changes constantly, Affirma recognizes that there has been a shift in the way that companies understand intranet. “Enterprise collaboration has been given a new life through the cloud and Microsoft’s O365 platform; these changes are shaping the industry,” remarks Culver.

The future looks bright. Affirma continues to adapt to the latest trends and provide clients with an exciting grasp of their intranet’s potential. As SharePoint continues to evolve, Affirma continues to develop tools that enable companies to work efficiently together.

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Sam Culver, Portals & Collaboration Practice Lead

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