AggData: Innovating Web-based Store Location

Chris Hathaway, Founder
Chris Hathaway, the founder of AggData, stumbled upon the data collection field, as early as his school days. Later, through his market research, he not only realized the significance of extracting data and providing it to big organizations, but also comprehended that the data related to ‘store location’ was unavailable, since companies would add some mechanism to limit the amount of location data a web visitor can find at one go.

AggData was born out of this realization, specializing in location-based information, such as complete geocoded lists of retail chain locations. “After pending too many hours searching the internet for valuable information, I realized that I could champion a solution. It was an idea that I turned into a business,” says Hathaway.

AggData is short for aggregate data—a set of data collected together in one place. According to Hathaway, basic location information is scattered across the internet in thousands of websites for various retail chains, fast food groups and grocery stores, but with the available data it is almost impossible to do anything other than to find the closest location of that store. AggData is attempting to fill these gaps in the market by scraping addresses and other facts from the company websites to create simple files of store locations that can be enriched with coordinated data.

Hathaway recognizes lack of proper data as the main pain point in GIS market. “The people building GIS models face problems while combining data, using different sources. Data plays the major role in these systems as maximum decisions are based on it and if it is not authentic, then it affects the quality of solution. Hence, we are providing clients with quality assured data, by extracting them from original, firsthand online sources, rather than re-tooling third-party databases,” adds Hathaway.

AggData’s products have been developed as an affordable and vital source of relevant information that reduces the tedious ask of information gathering for individuals and businesses. Their products provide quick, direct access to essential information, and customized needs. AggData ‘Premium’ offers full access to the data library for a flat subscription cost, while the ‘Custom Data Development’ provides client specific data, according to their need. The data is refreshed every 3 months for more accessible information.
Clients using AggData’s services include a particular store or retail chain’s competitors and market researchers who get information related to planning, development, and marketing strategies. “AggData is offering a growing body of data for other countries also. Although the data files are structurally simple, we see plenty of opportunity to continue collecting and selling data to a growing community of customers. Our products provide a platform for enterprise customers, small to mid-size businesses, and innovators to grow their businesses and increase their returns,” notes Hathaway.

Companies such as McKinsey and Company, Simon Malls, and Petco rely on AggData’s continually expanding library of data. “Clients have questioned me on how we are different from the clients themselves since they can also find data and access it on the public web. We stand apart because we build our own automated technical solutions to extract the data directly from the web. This automated extraction technology scales the process of collecting the data, and hence we are able to provide it at such a low cost. And the customer’s advantage by joining hands with us is not to worry about gathering data, rather just accessing the complete information we are providing which results in them saving time, making better and important decisions to improve their business,” claims Hathaway.

We are providing clients with quality data assured by extracting them from original, first-hand online sources, rather than re-tooling thirdparty databases

“The key to the quality of our data is the commitment to find first-hand sources and the comprehensiveness of AggData’s algorithmic extraction,” says Hathaway. For the road to future the company is planning to expand their library of data, also focusing on client’s specific needs and any destination. “Expanding data internationally and including some different categories,interesting locations, and adding distributors is the road ahead for AggData,” says Hathaway.


Dupont, WA

Chris Hathaway, Founder

Providing usable, portable databases of location information extracted from across the web