aggity: Your Technological and Digital Transformation Partner

Oscar Pierre, President and CEO
Founded in 2017, aggity is a Spanish multinational specialized in digital transformation for business management. With headquarters in Barcelona, Madrid, and Milan, as well as a central office for Latin America in Mexico City and delegations in Argentina, Uruguay, Chile, Peru, Colombia, Venezuela, and Ecuador, the company boasts an employee-base of 250 employees globally serving over 150 active clients in more than 15 countries.

“At aggity, we help clients hop onto the digital bandwagon and sail strong along the digital wave! With our rich subject matter expertise, we guide them through this journey—digitalizing and optimizing every business process through intelligent technology,” prides Oscar Pierre, President and CEO, aggity. “We offer clients a transversal vision of the new digital environment, with practical, technologically advanced and digital solutions that were designed by and for your business by a great team of expert professionals and digital natives.”

What truly differentiates the aggity is its ability to provide the battle-tested solutions embedded with digital-first technology— which is essentially why they are popularly known as a “hybrid technological company.” aggity’s proprietary solutions are robust and leverage cutting-edge technologies such as analytics, AI, cybersecurity, cloud, RPA, blockchain, among other. In Pierre’s words, “We have the best solutions for business processes and thanks to our experience in cybersecurity and cloud, we generate a strategy and a personalized cybersecurity plan for each business process of the company, identifying the risks associated with the best practices. We help our clients achieve their goals through digitized transactions with a distributed system protected with blockchain technology.”

aggity’s platforms are powered with AI and advanced analytics to create new models, improve the digital experience of customers, and apply predictive models for the anticipation of decision making. By applying robotics and automation technology, they eliminate mechanical tasks, leaving questions that require interpretation or analysis in the hands of humans. “By applying the most cutting-edge and innovative technology on the market to its platforms, we have evolved into a have a trusted partner for digital transformation,” says Pierre. In one instance, aggity’s HR and Talent software technology allowed one of the leading healthcare centers in Spain to group together in a single tool the functionalities previously provided by two different applications.

At aggity, we help client shop onto the digital bandwagon and sail strong along the digital wave! With our rich subject matter expertise, we guide them through this journey— digitalizing and optimizing every business process through intelligent technology

This enables real-time interaction of healthcare professionals with their calendars, as well as communication between administrators, managers, and health personnel of a staff that includes, in addition to the 120,000+ usual professionals, more than 15,000+ active substitutes, across all shifts and categories.

In another case, aggity’s specialized manufacturing software technology has allowed one of their many customers in many industrial sectors, one of them, in the ceramic sector to group together all the information from sensors, and PLCs found in the plant. “We were able to automate orders and proactively address any incident or machines-related issues. With such agility, they were able to carry out an automatic restart of the machinery after a stop. We were also able to automatically monitor, and trace parameters detected during production operations,” says Pierre.

In a nutshell, aggity’s success stems from its ability to revolutionize the way of digitalizing business processes while allowing clients to understand it, be able to apply it progressively and seamlessly, and ensure a quick return on investment. In less than four years, aggity has grown leaps and bounds, serving a diversified clientele that spans across industries such as food, finance and insurance, health, and public administration. In fact, they are en route to achieving a turnover of 22+ million Euros for 2021. As Pierre says, “we hope to double our international presence in 3 or 4 years. Our company can continue to grow both in offering solutions / technology and increasing its presence in new countries. Our goal is for our revenue to be more than 120 million dollars in turnover in 2025.”


San Just Desvern, Barcelona

Oscar Pierre, President and CEO

Founded in 2017, aggity is a Spanish multinational specialized in digital transformation for business management