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Jeff Tindall, Managing Director
“Entrepreneurs almost always have to step out of existing institutions that embody old ways of doing things to build their vision.”

While thriving in the new digital economy is synonymous with embracing change and innovation, Jeff Tindall—a technology executive with over 22 years of experience in product development and management—believes in leveraging technology in innovative ways to shed old ways of doing things and improving operational efficiency. Having worked at mid-sized companies, Tindall has the first-hand experience in how companies have to continually invest in time and resources for projects. “From creating a proof of concept to getting ready for the market, technology companies end up acquiring a lot of technical debts in the wake of QA, automation and documentation. These technical debts became a point of weakness for the acquirer of such technology companies,” stresses Tindall.

Tindall founded Agile Innovations Group to create strong products in Intellectual Property (IP) portfolios, and ‘get things right from the very beginning.’ Whether preparing for growth or transformation or reimagining the existing process, Agile Innovations Group leverages the latest technologies to bring all the products in an organization together to form a seamless solution or develops brand new products from idea to inception.

In an ambitious bid to become the one-stop shop for product management, thereby reducing project costs and risks, Agile Innovations aims to enhance the value of the IP portfolio of its clients. “We are much more than just a software development company; from the very first sprint, we have a strong emphasis on QA and documentation. Our philosophy of ‘getting everything done correctly from the start’ is embedded in the minds of our employees,” says Tindall, Managing Director of Agile Innovations Group.

Agile Innovations internally manages projects holistically from product development to market implementation, while operating in a Microsoft Azure environment. A typical client engagement at Agile Innovations begins with listening and understanding the clients’ vision for their business or product.
It is with that information that the teams can begin prioritizing desired features to maximize return on investment. “Depending on the level of customization required by the client, we aim at turning the expense of internal product development to investment into IP portfolio.” Agile Innovations assesses the client requirements from the product management perspective with the aid of Aha!, a product roadmap software, to identify opportunities for commercialization of their products. Thereby, clients experience reduction in product development costs, simultaneously adding value to their product portfolio. Leveraging Aha!, Agile Innovations brings the initiatives, strategies, along with the stakeholders and personas—all into one system. The company manages client backlogs and ensures everything is in the correct place and priority.

Agile Innovations’ teams are capable of utilizing information extracted from shared resources for easy mobile application development and UI. The DevOps team tracks scalability, monitoring, availability. While the Customer Support Team enhances customer experience with front line customer support. The emphasis on agile teamwork and the ability to commercialize the internal solutions are what make Agile Innovations second to none in the product management market.

Tindall recollects one instance where one of its clients was facing difficulties in managing high-call volumes on Mondays. Dealing with sub-prime auto loans, the client required adequate infrastructure and skill to manage heavy-volume calls, which were incurring high labor costs. In an attempt to automate the entire process, Agile Innovations assessed the operations conducted in the morning, evaluated the user story mapping, along with the average experience of the customers. On automating almost 95% of call center operations, Agile Innovations effectively reduced the spike in calls. “We essentially enabled them to discover how to commercialize an idea; beyond realizing the internal benefit of the solution. The company is now able to market their products to a previously unrealized market segment,” adds Tindall.

Agile Innovations is currently focused on broadening their offerings in the US, Egypt and Sri Lanka in terms of development and support.

Agile Innovations Group

Cartersville, GA

Jeff Tindall, Managing Director

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