Agile Transformation: Helping Organizational Leaders Transform their Culture to Healthy, High-Perfor

Sally Elatta, President
Today’s executives are frustrated with strategic project execution, especially for IT projects. Backlogs are growing, quality is lacking, and projects are not delivered on time. There is little alignment between what executives want and what’s really happening on the ground. The trust is broken in some cases between business and IT as everyone works in silos and blame the other party for the issues. In reality, the organization is not designed for the work to flow effectively, enter Agile Transformation.

Agile Transformation, founded in 2009, helps companies transform their culture and build healthy, high performing teams. They use Agile, Lean, Scrum methods mixed with Servant Leadership, collaboration and soft skills to make this transformation happen. Their clients range from Fortune 100 to medium size corporations and government agencies looking to transform how they operate.

Enterprise Transformations
The methods the firm uses to deliver an enterprise transformation are a combination of moving to Enterprise Stable Teams and learning skills including Agile, Lean, Servant Leadership, Portfolio Management, and Collaboration which together can deliver a comprehensive and measurable transformation. Headquartered in the United States, Agile Transformation Inc. has an international presence helping companies across multiple verticals gain momentum and transform their organization.

“Our company solves complex, cultural issues that have arisen partially as a result of the silos we’ve implemented in today’s organizational structures. Traditional waterfall processes have created heavy weight handoffs and made cross functional communication difficult, this has decreased efficiencies and productivity. Additionally, business needs are changing very fast and they need faster time to market and expect higher quality results. The Status Quo isn’t good enough anymore.” says Sally Elatta, President at Agile Transformation.
Agile Transformation provides 5 core services including Transformation Strategy Planning, Agile and Cultural Workshops, Executive and Team Coaching, AgilityHealth Agile Assessment tool, and AgileVideos.Com on demand learning platform to scale Agile learning.

The AgilityHealth Assessment Tool
Agile Transformation recognizes that the challenges companies face today will not be addressed by process changes alone. The company has recently released the most powerful Agile assessment tool currently on the market. This tool has been developed for organizations that have adopted and currently scaling Agile and want visibility into the performance and health of their teams and initiatives.

This tool not only provides a quick glance into the health of an organization’s teams, but provides a quarterly comparison so that the cultural and process changes can be appropriately measured. “This allows a company to prove a return on investment and continue to do so over time.” “Agile transformations are now measurable. Teams and leaders can see themselves getting better quarter after quarter, year after year.

That’s the difference AgilityHealth has made for us, the ROI of an Agile Transformation can now be visualized and measured!” “What I really love is that you can see the patterns across many teams and roll up their ‘organizational’ issues so they can be addressed by the leaders. Accountability for organizational growth is at every level now.” says Sally Elatta.

Roadmap Ahead
Agile Transformation’s vision for the future is becoming a transformation enablement organization and helping organizations learn ‘how to transform themselves’. They are releasing several AgilityHealth certifications and programs for building internal coaches. They are also partnering with other likeminded transformation partners to make this vision a reality.

Agile Transformation

Omaha, NE

Sally Elatta, President

Helping leaders transform their culture and build healthy high performing team Using the combination of agile, lean, servant leadership, portfolio management and collaboration tools to make unique and measurable transformation