AgilePoint: Model-driven Process Application Platform for On-Premises and Cloud

Jesse Shiah, Co-Founder & CEO
AgilePoint’s mission was to help enterprises of any size attain and sustain operational success through process excellence. This marked the beginning of a new journey for AgilePoint which has pioneered and developed a comprehensive Process Application Platform with flexible hybrid support for on-premises and Cloud.

“We brought more than 20 years of experience from large enterprise Java space to deliver new levels of price performance based on .NET. This is validated by AgilePoint’s proven track records of converting J2EE based organizations to adopt AgilePoint and .NET,” begins Jesse Shiah, Co-Founder and CEO, AgilePoint. “We have helped a lot of enterprises quickly implementing and improving their business critical cross-functional processes by empowering and involving business stakeholders. What also differentiates AgilePoint solution is that it ensures process implementation does not turn into rigid, costly to maintain technical debt. Instead, processes are abstracted from the underlying infrastructure and implementation that can be preserved and easily repurposed. For example, when adopting AgilePoint for SharePoint, migrating SharePoint to new versions or Office 365 has no dependency on the workflows created with AgilePoint,” adds Shiah. He strongly believes that the Era of the Age of the Customer demands for more dynamic process solutions to deliver responsive, engaging, and individualized customer experience.

Headquartered in Mountain View, California, AgilePoint also has offices in Asia Pacific and EMEA. With products like AgilePoint BPMS for Enterprise, SharePoint, Cloud (Azure and AWS), Dynamics CRM, Mobile, Social, etc., AgilePoint has more than 1300 installations worldwide. “What we really provide is a process application platform with a unique combination of enterprise class manageability, scalability, robustness that typically found in J2EE solutions, and Microsoft ease of use and affordability,” says Shiah. He further adds that more than a BPM solution provider, AgilePoint is also a ‘rapid application creator,’ where process is used as a language to assemble services into configurable composite applications with no code. “For lot of people, getting the workf low to run is the main goal but for us it is just the beginning.
We look to deliver sustained and simplified continuous process improvement, dynamic adaptation of long running processes, etc.,” he claims.

What we really provide is a process application platform with unique combination of enterprise class manageability, scalability, robustness that typically found in J2EE solutions, and Microsoft ease of use and affordability

At one instance, AgilePoint enabled a Global Investment Firm, one of its early adopters back in 2006, to accelerate business expansions by enabling business users to quickly prototype and improve process-enabled applications without burdening IT. The Global Investment Firm later became the world’s largest fund manager in its category in 2009. At one of the country’s largest power generator, AgilePoint enabled its business analysts to create business critical grade SharePoint solutions for compliance and control. Most recently, AgilePoint was selected by an insurance service provider to replace its incumbent IBM BPM solution. Currently, AgilePoint is in the process of implementing its BPM PaaS solution as a shared service for a leading global beauty group’s operations in 14 countries.

Going forward, AgilePoint will continue support on-premises while already pioneered the industry’s first BPM Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) solutions for both Azure and AWS. “We will continue to enhance our product in a number of areas including expanding into the mobile and social space. We also have an increasing number of partners involved in building next generation SaaS applications with AgilePoint solutions,” Shiah concludes.


Mountain View, CA

Jesse Shiah, Co-Founder & CEO and

Designed to serve as the Process Application Platform for both on-premises and in the Cloud and simplify implementation of operational workflow or cross-functional business processes, all in an easy-to-use process-modeling environment