Agiletek: Aligning DevOps with Security for Enterprise-Ready solutions

Ammar Yousuf, Founder CTO
Gone are the days when companies believed the speed of application deployment could only be enhanced by reducing security, as there simply wasn’t time to test and secure software with quick release schedules. DevSecOps brought a change to this scenario by prioritizing security and improving the pace of software deployments. However, with budget constraints and staff shortages, many organizations lack the engineering support and expertise required to safely develop and deploy quality applications.

Enter Agiletek, a leader in providing DevOps and DevSecOps services with a focus on automation, cyber reliability, and security compliance to improve clients’ bottom line. “Through automated end-to-end software delivery, we help organizations of all sizes across various sectors, including federal agencies, FinTech, and healthcare, in scaling and securing their infrastructures,” says Imran Abbas, CEO, Agiletek.

Agiletek’s state-of-the-art solutions cover all the aspects of a client’s business model—people, process, and technology. The company audits the infrastructure and software delivery processes in place to reveal bottlenecks and offer a feasible optimization plan that spans the client’s technology stack, software workflows, and human resources workload. They also implement a toolkit that automates various aspects of software development, including code review and deployment, continuous testing, and knowledge aggregation.

Agiletek’s onboarding process starts with a rapid assessment to gauge the business goals that the client wants to achieve. This is followed by the prototyping phase, where they produce the blueprint. Agiletek also works with client teams on deployment planning, as well as a software upgrade to ensure it is purpose-built for specific client requirements.

In the final execution stage, Agiletek ensures that the implemented DevOps ecosystem is flexible enough for the businesses to adapt to the newly introduced workflows. But their services do not stop there. Agiletek continues to provide clients with operations, maintenance, and optimization support. “We provide enhanced system stability with scheduled visits and round-the clock troubleshooting,” says Ammar Yousuf, Founder, and CTO, Agiletek.

As a result-oriented company, Agiletek strives to convert its consulting and development efforts into real business outcomes. The success of its clients is a testament to the company’s achievements.
For instance, Agiletek helped a security product company mitigate several vulnerabilities within their applications. Partnering with the client’s product development team, Agiletek automated the patching of security vulnerabilities at a large scale.

Their team built an automation framework that enabled the client to do remediation and patching with the least degree of human intervention.

This enabled the client to complete their infrastructure and production deployments without worrying about vulnerabilities and security flaws. Agiletek also built a library of automated scripts to continuously remediate and eliminate vulnerabilities. On top of that, these scripts are adaptable, allowing the client’s engineering staff to easily manage and update them.

Helping many clients with continuous deployment, delivery, security compliance, and automated deployments, Agiletek ensures a consolidated solution suite of security, development, and operations in order to help businesses establish transparent and quick software delivery cycles. Bringing together cross-functional DevOps and security teams also helps improve the quality of services.

We provide enhanced system stability with scheduled visits and round the-clock troubleshooting

What differentiates Agiletek from the competition is its team of experts. Each of the engineers and consultants has more than 10 years of experience working in both the public and private sectors, enabling them to understand the importance of aligning technical and business goals. They are well-equipped to manage teams and build relationships while maintaining quick response time to fast track the processes

The combination of experienced business and technology professionals, client-centric approach, quality, and integrity makes Agiletek the best partner for clients.


Ashburn, VA

Ammar Yousuf, Founder CTO and Imran Abbas, CEO

Agiletek provides DevOps and DevSecOps services taking a customer-centric approach with a special focus on maintaining security.