Agilify Automation: The Amalgamation of IA with BPM

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Doug Thompson, CEO
Intelligent Automation is the driving force of today’s enterprise architectures, fueled by critical components such as Robotic Process Automation (RPA), Artificial Intelligence (AI), Optical Character Recognition (OCR), and Natural Language Processing (NLP). Companies will need to center themselves on driving automation across business needs to explore and visualize the expediting impact of Intelligent Automation (IA), coupled with an effective business process management (BPM) framework. While the evident benefit of IA is the elimination of mundane and transactional activities, the other more subtle value brought to the table is its potential to enhance high-level cognitive activities, stretching far beyond what humans are capable of today. Moreover, modern IA tools can not only integrate into tech stacks API-free but also make existing solutions more robust, as opposed to conventional, more expensive, API-dependent BPM tools. With more aces in the hole, such as cost reductions, higher accuracy in business processes, increased focus on core competencies, and improved productivity, the coupling of IA with BPM seems more evident than ever, especially in the age of digital transformations.

In a race where companies are spoilt for choice with Pega, UiPath, IBM, Appian, Blue Prism and other similar tech providers, harnessing the true potential of automation, in accordance with specific business prerequisites, can get quite daunting. And, although several organizations follow a ‘Frankenstein’ model that combines multiple IA solutions to complement their BPM, there needs to be intelligent management of these tools, failing which can have exuberant financial repercussions. Firms that are, on the contrary, only venturing forth into the early stages of automation will require insights into organizational change management and automation awareness.

At The Forefront of Intelligent Automation

It is at this juncture of an evolving IA landscape that Agilify Automation enters the playing field with its seasoned team to provide organizations with the support and expertise needed to develop an Intelligent Automation strategy and structure. The company harmonizes multiple IA technologies that can co-exist and function individually to create a continuum of IA solutions that solve BPM challenges across the board.

Experts at Agilify uphold the ideology that organizations should effectively balance the business side of their offerings with the IT infrastructure that works cohesively in achieving those business objectives. “Clients need to realize the importance of having clear-cut business milestones, as well as a critical path to be followed while achieving those goals,” says Doug Thompson, CEO at Agilify Automation. Though some of these objectives could be as simple as improving ROI through hours saved, other objectives are aligning with the overall business goals to impact their corporate bottom line.

“We are practitioners first. What separates us from other organizations is our experience level and depth of knowledge in IA and knowing how it can impact and help our client’s business objectives,” adds Thompson. When assisting clients with their automation needs, Agilify’s practitioner knowledge provides authentic results. Collaborating with leaders to analyze the tools and processes that require IA is an important foundational step.
Through process discovery and analysis, Agilify helps clients understand their objectives and provides them with insights into the business processes that can be automated to provide maximum benefit to the client in reaching the said objectives. Further process discovery and design expertise requires bringing in automation experts for the required solution.

Our step-by-step approach of working in tandem with corporations gives clients a clearer picture of their hard dollar savings and their Total Automation Program Yield

Bringing Agile Automation to the Table

Another hurdle in the mosaic of project management that Agilify services overcome is bringing a more scalable, iterative, agile approach. It might take several months in prompting automation into business processes, however, Agilify’s approach will be visible in the production stage within a few weeks. “This step-by-step approach of working in tandem with corporations gives clients a clearer picture of their hard dollar savings and their Total Automation Program Yield,” says Thompson. Total Automation Program Yield gives customers an in-depth look into how automation improves the quality and scalability of their output, how it helps with audit compliance, and how it seals the deal in revamping consumer and supplier experiences.

A case study that Thompson cites to highlight the utility of Agilify’s services in IA is when the company partnered with a large healthcare organization to reconcile match exceptions on invoices. “Deep Diving” with the Accounts Payables team, Agilify documented existing challenges in the manual and semimanual processes. The Agilify team created a plan that highlighted automation opportunities, and opportunities to make changes that could decrease cost and increase efficiency from 7 minutes to just over 45 seconds for each match exception. The automation implemented generated $675,750 through direct cost savings during just the first 12 months alone and the benefit will be realized year over year.

“We are not software makers. Agilify is an advisory for your automation technology needs,” says Thomspon. The company helps clients sort through available IA tools such as BPM, RPA, NLP, ML, and more; it organizes these functions to give clients a broader understanding of how to automate their business processes. Agilify creates its own ‘digital workers’ to assist clients in their automation requirements. While normal-sized clients would need 30 odd digital workers helping them, other, bigger clients could require hundreds. This digital workforce is the synthesis of the otherwise disconnected automation tools — each with incredible value to advance the augmentation of human efforts. “The creation and management of these digital workers are what truly lie at the heart of intelligent automation,” concludes Thompson.

Agilify Automation

Doug Thompson, CEO and Indianapolis, IN

Agilify Automation is North America’s leading intelligent automation practitioner, providing automation platforms and services that improve business processes. It helps companies combine intelligent automation solutions with their people to realize real benefits in efficiency, cost, and business impact. Agilify’s teams are highly experienced in implementing Intelligent Automation solutions to meet business objectives for companies of all sizes. Its digital workforce solutions include its automation academy, automation assurance, and automation delivery groups, each providing the knowledge and know-how to help customers embrace these new technologies.