Agilisium: Transforms Life Science Data Journey through AWS

Raj Babu, Founder and CEO
It is no surprise Amazon Web Services (AWS) has become the most recognized cloud computing technology. However, finding the right AWS solution can take time, especially when companies try to use it the same way they would use a traditional infrastructure or data center environment.

A challenge for companies in the cloud computing era is that as AWS grows, they need help finding the right solution that fits their needs. Customers have to deal with massive amounts of data, often forcing them to deal with increased costs and additional management overheads and Agilisium can solve this problem.

Agilisium is a fastest-growing AWS cloud transformation and data analytics company, that helps organizations to architect, build, migrate, and manage their application workloads to accelerate their journey to the agile cloud, achieve desired business outcomes, and reach emerging global markets. Agilisium unlocks the potential of AWS to take advantage of the cost, efficiency, agility, and availability gains for its customers.

Agilisium is an AWS Advanced Consulting Partner that provides end-toend Data transformation services from Data Ingestion to Data Visualization. “We at Agilisium build AWS-Life Science centric advanced Data Lake solutions that reduce Drug Commercialization cost by 40% for our 7+ F500 Pharmaceutical clients,” says Raj Babu, founder, and CEO of Agilisium. The life sciences team at Agilisium is comprised of seasoned industry experts who bring hands-on experience from previous roles within pharma, medical device, biotech, and regulatory organizations to build futureready Data Engineering solutions for Life Science customers.

It is the only AWS data specialty partner that offers in-house and outsourced innovation data and analytics labs, helping businesses in the diagnosis and prognosis of their data analytics needs. Doing both is how AWS customers can reap the maximum benefits from their data migration, implementation, and Optimization. Agilisium helps them gain valuable insights by creating an efficient data pipeline for top functions in its innovation lab. It helps them make real-time decisions using predictive and analytical models and reduces patient care costs.

Organizations approach it to find new ways to rethink their cloud strategies and effectively make operational decisions based on various data-driven models. Agilisium’s expertise across Data Analytics, DevOps, Microsoft Workloads and Data & Analytics solutions makes us uniquely positioned to not just do traditional ‘lift and shift’ migrations but to also help our clients ‘move and improve’ as they modernize their infrastructure on AWS.
Life Sciences is one of the most highly regulated industries. Implementing any solution in this environment is challenging. Agilisium makes it easier for clients to implement an easy-to-use, scalable, and secure solution. Be it data democratization, data-driven business models, creating analytical engines, or implementing artificial intelligence and machine learning principles, Agilisium can help Life Sciences companies.

Over the years, Agilisium has helped many Life Sciences and pharmaceutical companies migrate their data from legacy systems to the cloud. This transforms their data lifecycle operations into a clinical data lake that provides real-time visibility and valuable insights for their processes.

We at Agilisium build AWS-Life Science centric advanced Data Lake solutions that reduce Drug Commercialization cost by 40% for our 7+ F500 Pharmaceutical clients

This common integrated platform solution by Agilisium offers flexibility and scalability. Its turnkey solutions enable businesses to track their KPIs and get wider visibility into the performance metrics of their products. They know what is working and what isn’t, which allows them to make insightful decisions as they grow.

Its diverse range of expertise doesn’t only come from its AWS background. Agilisium’s biggest strength lies in its ability to “cook” solutions. Anyone can offer AWS services, but only a few understand the technology and the industries like Agilisium does. It can build different solutions based on AWS for Life Sciences and pharmaceutical organizations, lowering risks and costs by huge margins.

Agilisium offers both managed services and talent services to its customers, including working models onsite, offshore and nearshore with its talents spread across the corners of the world from Canada, United States, Costa Rica, Netherlands, UK and India.

Agilisium is global, quite literally.


Los Angeles, CA

Raj Babu, Founder and CEO

Agilisium is the fastest-growing AWS Cloud Transformation & Data Analytics Company having strong expertise in Data lake solutions, Data Warehouse Engineering, Data Migration & Modernization, Business Intelligence, and Cloud Optimization services. Agilisium delivers a stable, secure, and scalable cloud and data foundation on which organizations can explore data avenues.