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Paul Schaut, CEO
Enterprise analytics has been around for a long time. What was relatively overlooked, but has recently drawn great interest, is the concept of managing and governing the math behind analytics—viewing it as an organizational asset. Arriving early in the scene, Aginity provides an active analytics catalog which helps organizations obtain a significantly higher ROI from operationalizing analytics, machine learning, and AI. Aginity’s CEO, Paul Schaut, a seasoned executive with 37 years of experience in data analytics, states, “We wanted to ensure that there’s a way for businesses to easily organize, catalog, share, reuse, and govern the math that is required to produce ‘analytics-ready data’ or the analytic insights themselves.”

A pioneer in enterprise analytics, Aginity is driven by individuals with decades of experience in the areas of data mining, business intelligence, digital analytics, and big data. Aginity has long supported the analytics community via Aginity Workbench, a free SQL development tool for working efficiently on massively parallel processing (MPP) databases. This spring, Aginity is expanding their offerings with Aginity Pro, also free, to allow users curate their analytic logic for consistent and easy reuse. The “Team” version of this capability, launching this summer 2019, enables additional level of discovery and collaboration to drastically improve productivity across users and their peers.

Aginity Enterprise (formerly Aginity Amp) is their industrial-scale platform for users to further extend management of queries into more complex algorithms and models, written in a variety of languages across an enterprise. At this level, all analytics are available to any user or application via the ODBC/JDBC/REST integration provided by the platform.

Aginity is dedicated to helping organizations understand the value hiding in their analytics and offers a Rapid Analytics Assessment, a service that generates insights from SQL code to identify inconsistencies and redundancies trapped in the analytics “supply chain.” Schaut explains, “With Aginity’s assistance, an enterprise can quickly scour through millions of lines of code to identify the repetitive and high-value building-blocks used to produce ‘analytics-ready data.’”
Schaut and his team attribute their ability to help companies leap to new levels of analytics maturity by focusing on the three P’s: Provenance, Portability, and Protection of the math involved.

We wanted to ensure that there’s a way for businesses to organize, catalog, share, reuse, and govern the math that is required to produce ‘analytics-ready data’

Gaining visibility into analytic “Provenance,” Aginity helps its clients to “see everything” related to an analytic, from its lineage to its usage and history— beginning a foundation of trust through transparency. “Portability” allows for an organization’s analytics to be “used everywhere,” enabling users to share and reuse calculation logic across platforms and applications. In today’s highly connected landscape, Aginity also factors in the criticality of analytic “Protection.” Their solutions come with security protocols that extend beyond data governance and include the logic developed over the “Analytic Development Life-Cycle.”

Over the course of its 14-year journey, the company has built a large and loyal clientele across various industries. One such company, a billion-dollar retailer with over 7,000 stores, was encumbered by a slow and expensive customer-insights capability, plagued by inconsistent analytics and fragmented marketing workflow from a series of disparate vendors. Aginity performed a proof-of-concept, producing actionable insights and a foundation for new capability—within a week. Customer data from various multi-channel sources fed an actionable layer of reusable analytic assets.

To deliver such advanced analytics solutions, Aginity continues to develop better and more comprehensive software for its clients. With the release of Aginity Pro and Team this year, this foundational capability becomes even more accessible, at every level and size of an organization.

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CHICAGO: Aginity, the only active analytics company, today announced a partnership with Snowflake, the data warehouse built for the cloud, enabling Snowflake customers to find, share and use analytic code in a whole new way.

Aginity allows data analysts, data engineers, and data scientists to work more efficiently and provide consistent actionable results for business growth. Aginity products make every line of code searchable, reusable and easy to understand for individuals, teams and enterprises.

"With Aginity and Snowflake's partnership, customers will now be able spend less time writing repetitive code and more time using it," said Paul Schaut, CEO of Aginity. "Every day our customers tell us about their desire to move their on-premise data platforms and accelerate their efforts to move to the cloud, which is why we're so excited about this partnership. Our products: Aginity Pro, Aginity Team and Aginity Enterprise has helped many of them easily migrate their analytics to use Snowflake," Schaut continued

"Customers want to accelerate their journey to become more analytically aware and mature," Snowflake Director of Technology Alliances, Tarik Dwiek said. "Aginity offers an innovative way for analytic teams to interact with each other's code, driving efficiency and consistency. This partnership means that organizations can now easily leverage their analytic assets on Snowflake's unique cloud-built data warehouse architecture."


Evanston, IL

Paul Schaut, CEO

Active analytics catalog provides re-enabling organizations to create, catalog,reuse, and govern analytics across the enterprise