AGNI Consulting Helps Enterprise Leverage Real-Time Business Insights

Sunder Rajan, CEO
Being one of the niche players in Business Intelligence space and having more than a decade of experience in providing SAP BI solutions, AGNI Consulting, headquartered in Milpitas, CA, cleverly points out that the present day challenge clouding the market is the complexity in BI implementation. AGNI Consulting is an SAP service partner and authorized reseller that helps clients make informed decisions leveraging company data using SAP HANA, SAP BusinessObjects and SAP NetWeaver BW.

Delivering best practices in the deployment of SAP BI and analytics solutions through product development, accelerators and reusable templates, AGNI Consulting enhances business solutions and delivers projects in a very short time, maximizing client’s SAP investments. To thrive in rapidly changing market conditions, SAP HANA delivered by AGNI Consulting provides flexible data modeling with instant access to all the transactional and analytical information in real time and from almost any data source. The turnkey benefits presented by these solutions include—direct access to operational data without affecting the performance of other operational systems; identification of relevant operational data and publishing the completed models; and rapid delivery through Meta Data Migration approach at reduced cost, on time, on budget and on scope implementation.

AGNI Consulting’s SAP BI solutions provide superior Business Warehouse. “Our main focus has been on the implementation of a state-of-art BW solution using optimized Layered Scalable Architecture design guidelines and principle. The architected solution is scalable and flexible for data integration and data quality, ad-hoc queries and reporting with no impact on the business,” says Raja Balakrishnan, CTO, AGNI Consulting.The other core expertise of the company lies in implementation of BusinessObjects BI solutions that provides comprehensive functionality for dashboard, mobile, reporting, and data exploration.
With a deep industry focused approach, AGNI Consulting enjoys an impressive presence in manufacturing, pharmaceuticals, and consumer goods industry. The company helped one of its customers in the CPG industry to implement BI solution in a record breaking time. The customer was facing reporting performance issues and it lacked flexible architecture to roll-out new functionalities.

The customer had major initiatives in flight projects and as such was dependent on the up-gradation of its BI system. AGNI Consulting on being engaged did a quick Proof of Concept (PoC) of how it should upgrade the customer’s legacy system without disrupting their existing business processes. The PoC came out to be very successful and was followed by the deployment of AGNI Consulting’s solution based on its migration methodology through which they transferred applications from an older to a newer environment with zero impact on the existing business processes. AGNI consulting also architected a flexible solution that allowed business reporting capabilities to be upgraded. The result was—international roll-out of Analytics and the customer’s supply chain project that was on hold for about 6-7 months; better visibility and forecast accuracy; and improved management of its supply chain.

Envisioning a future in which CIOs will need minimized time-to-value, AGNI Consulting is creating a BW platform framework with semantic layer integrated with SAP and non-SAP data. The Global Spend Analytics, a packaged solution, is powered by HANA and is based on a ready-to-run technology that can be deployed and run in customer environment in couple of weeks’ time. “This packaged solution is very flexible, modular, and we are planning to release multiple package solutions like this which will be available in the cloud environment. The solution comes with one core feature—an ROI engine which helps to measure ROI and plan accordingly,” explains Sunder Rajan, interim CEO, AGNI Consulting. He concludes by saying, “We have expanded our operations in offshore and in many areas and are aggressively moving towards mobile BI and cloud computing.”

AGNI Consulting

Sunder Rajan, CEO and Raja Balakrishnan, CTO

Helps clients make informed decisions leveraging company data using SAP HANA, SAP BusinessObjects and SAP NetWeaver BW