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Irfan Khan, CEO
With its far-reaching and impactful sea change in the IT sector, Google’s enterprise and cloud services revolutionize the way companies interface and keep their users involved. Harnessing the power of Google Cloud Platform (GCP), Minneapolis-based Agosto offers a host of solutions that helps organizations move ahead of legacy systems and focus on what’s next for the business. The company delivers managed IT solutions, cloud migration, and implementation consultation which in turn enable organizations to bring their products to the market more quickly. Apart from cloud, Agosto also aims at utilizing the potent capabilities of IoT to direct enterprises toward accelerating progress.

Utilizing its years of experience in building Google-based solutions, Agosto has introduced Skykit, a scalable digital signage platform built on GCP that manages content lifecycle, offering personalized support on an ongoing basis. Skykit empowers users to distribute content through Google Slides to different screens, irrespective of the location while giving users the autonomy to monitor, alter, and transfer their content. From retailers to manufacturing companies, Skykit has been a dependable formula when it comes to content management and high-yielding outcome.

In addition, Agosto integrates various applications developed by Google and provides its users with a valuable experience. For instance, the Google Search Appliance (GSA) is a dependable search tool that renders pertinent data within a matter of seconds. In this regard, Agosto aids customers in modifying their GSA functions in a way that it equips them with an upswing in the speed of processing, measure of results, as well as operational capacity. Besides, GSA can be deployed in mobile devices with results being navigated through a browser. Similarly, in the case of Google Maps, Agosto incorporates maps and geographic details into client products as per their requirement. The company also offers Google Vault for all its users while allowing collaboration between numerous Google-oriented projects.

Areas of growing traction for our services team include IoT and machine learning

Aptly complying with Google technology, Agosto’s cloud-based IoT Accelerator is modeled to improve machine-to-machine communications along with IoT interfacing and reporting. The role of Google’s cloud products is crucial for this task as the tool collects numerous device inputs and consequently re-produces them for scaling. Exhibiting multi-layered security, IoT Accelerator processes around millions of actions per hour, while storing and managing results.

By contributing innovative technologies, Agosto rightfully establishes itself as a dynamic organization offering standard, user-friendly solutions especially designed for software marketers of the current epoch. Going by the experiences of several of Agosto’s clients, it can be corroborated that the company has been able to live up to the expectations of their clientele while also serving the overall business landscape with favored technologies. In this context, the company’s CEO Irfan Khan remarks on how Agosto clients are leading their peers in the adoption of disruptive technologies. To cite an instance, EllisDon, a multi-national construction firm, sought the assistance of Agosto to enhance productivity and bring about efficient communication and co-operation. By employing Google Cloud, the company was able to set up an intranet for seamless communication and real-time project management as well as leverage mobile apps to boost output.

Moving further, Khan specifies, “Looking ahead to 2020, areas of growing traction for our services team include IoT and machine learning.” In keeping with Khan’s aspiration, Agosto lays down a clear roadmap that upholds the endorsement of various newfangled technologies thereby facilitating enterprises to innovate tailored products that make them more competitive.


Minneapolis, MN

Irfan Khan, CEO

Google Cloud Platform developer that leverages advanced technologies and products to enrich the standards of IT enterprises.