Agrinoze: Precision Irrigation for Enhanced Crop Yield

Erez Fait, Co-founder & Chairman
While working with different crops in varying locations and climates, Eitan Israeli, cofounder and chief agronomist of Agrinoze observed that water was the most vital resource for all crops when it comes to growth mechanisms, regardless of the soil type or weather conditions. He concluded that there is an optimal soil solution for all plants in the root zone and that is attained by utilizing an appropriate drainage system to precisely regulate the flow of water and fertilizer in fields, plantations, and greenhouses which can significantly increase yield potential.

Erez Fait, co-founder and CEO of Agrinoze, transformed Israeli’s discovery into an algorithm using Machine Learning and AI to learn distinctive plant and soil characteristics, then adaptively responding to the specific resource needs of plants in real-time by delivering water and nutrients as required, creating the optimal soil solution.

From this collaboration Agrinoze emerged.

“Autonomous and automatic real-time precision and uniformity in irrigation is the key to enhancing crop yields, while at the same time reducing water and fertilizer consumption,” says Fait.

Agrinoze offers farmers and global and governmental food security agencies an autonomous irrigation and fertigation system to optimize root zone conditions for any crop or substrate. The system leverages a proprietary algorithm that analyzes real-time plant data enabling automized water and nutrient allocation for plants through drip lines. Based on data analysis from IoT sensors, the algorithm also predicts how the soil will behave in various situations and conditions creating a profile for how future irrigation and fertigation should be managed. Agrinozepowered farms are equipped to maintain optimal soil conditions around the clock while enhancing soil health, providing the roots with the best conditions to thrive, thereby significantly increasing plant growth and yield while curbing unnecessary resource consumption.

Agrinoze places a strong emphasis on adhering to dense planting protocol, which is one of its primary differentiators. Compared to standard growing practices, this strategy empowers farmers to plant double or even triple the number of seeds per hectare without hindering plant growth. The adaptive capabilities reduce plant stress, enabling farmers to decrease the distance between seeds and rows without increasing plant competition, thereby boosting yield enabling additional growth cycles.
Fertilizer use, tillage, and salinization of soil from conventional irrigation methods deplete land arability and increase greenhouse gas emission along with environmental degradation in the longer term. Agrinoze’s solutions tackle these challenges by maintaining optimal soil saturation levels around the root zone, unlocking pre-existing nutrients and making them accessible to plants. As resource consumption is minimized, utilization of fertilizers and the release of greenhouse gases associated with their production decreases - all of which contribute to a regenerative agricultural practice and a more environmentally friendly future.

Autonomous and automatic realtime precision and uniformity in irrigation is the key to enhancing crop yields, while at the same time reducing water and fertilizer consumption

Agrinoze has successfully implemented numerous yield-enhancing projects globally, including blueberry, date, corn, cassava, banana, almonds, rice, grapes, and more. Be it grapes in California or corn in Southeast Asia, precise use of vital resources together with higher-density planting has positioned Agrinoze as a category leader in delivering unparalleled positive outcomes in early harvest, a substantial increase in yield percentage, and denser plots with larger, greener, vibrant plants. The company’s technology headquarters are located in Israel and operations are based in Fresno, California.

“What is the required irrigation volume?”

“When is the ideal irrigation timing?”

“What is the best irrigation tool?”

Agrinoze’s solution breaks the paradigm of conventional drip irrigation models by responding to irrigation volume and timing questions in a novel way. Its holistic agronomic approach, recognized as one of the most efficient solutions for global food production, removes the guesswork associated with soil health, allowing farmers to conserve resources and lessen pollution while working with any soil or crop.


Tel Aviv, Israel

Erez Fait, Co-founder & Chairman

A precision irrigation and fertigation solution for open fields, plantations, and greenhouses.