AGS Health: Analytics Driven Revenue Cycle Solution

Devendra Saharia, CEO
The role of the CIO in hospitals is changing substantially from being primary custodians of deploying technology and tools, they are now closely engaging in business and driving change. With challenges in reimbursements, they are also operating with budgetary constraints and sometimes lean support staff. Meanwhile, although rapid adoption of EHRs has been a positive, it now requires CIOs to have strong information security systems in place. “AGS Health helps CIOs address many of these challenges by providing complete, swift, and cost effective solutions,” says Devendra Saharia, CEO of AGS Health. “We have a highly qualified team of experts across data management, analytics, business intelligence and information security management.” AGS Health is an analytics-driven, technology-enabled Revenue Cycle Management (RCM) company.

According to Saharia, healthcare providers face a tsunami of information and data today. Electronic health records, health information systems, and usage of devices have led to an information explosion and created both a challenge and an opportunity. The company has an array of several compelling solutions that have helped clients transition into this new, data intensive digital world. “We help our clients develop insights and strategy for running their businesses better using data and predictive analytics,” adds Saharia. “Our highly trained experts in data and predictive analytics help our clients extract meaningful and actionable insights and create value.”

AGS Health’s innovative solutions reduce costs significantly and increase efficiencies in the revenue cycle processes for their clients. The company prides itself for having one of the largest pools of experts who are trained in coding and analytics driven accounts receivable management. With strong knowledge of over 50 different billing systems, multiple EMRs and clearing houses, these representatives help clients code, bill and collect in an efficient and fast manner. AGS Health’s end-to-end RCM also offers eligibility and benefits verification, which is a critical and high-impact area. They have developed deep expertise and processes in this area and help clients manage their front-end process efficiently and effectively.
“Strong front-end processes reduce the denials substantially and clients get paid on time and correctly,” asserts Saharia.

The company has extensive experience in data mining methodologies and generated high-impact results for their clients. As an example, they helped one of their clients recover over $5 million from written-off charges with over six times Return on Investment, reducing AR days and improved cash per encounter.

AGS Health’s biggest differentiators are their people and processes. The company has engaged high-tech, web-based training programs and proprietary learning management tools that provide a highly interactive learning experience for employees, and ensures scale of delivery and effective knowledge transfer. “We focus on ease of implementation, following a clear Project Plan managed by professional Project Managers with Six Sigma training,” explains Saharia.

We help our clients develop insights and strategy for running their businesses better using data and predictive analytics

The company also sees opportunities in helping their clients through Remote Infrastructure Management Services (RIMS)– providing real-time monitoring of IT and network infrastructure remotely so that real-time and proactive predefined actions can be taken based on defined thresholds.

AGS Health continues to invest in developing their business and predictive analytics capabilities, and building the next generation of predictive analytics and automation solutions for clients using proprietary platforms. “We plan to continue our focus on driving better analytics driven solutions in billing, coding, and revenue cycle management by leveraging our people, robust processes, and smart technology solutions,” concludes Saharia.

AGS Health

New York, NY

Devendra Saharia, CEO

AGS Health is an analytics-driven, technology enabled Revenue Cycle Management (RCM) company.