Aimia: Re-Inventing CRM and Loyalty

Gerard Whelan, President-Customer Loyalty, U.S.
All successful CRM (Customer Relationship Management) and loyalty marketing initiatives are founded on having clearly defined objectives. Such initiatives identify the best customers with whom to build long lasting relationships, while managing multiple interactions with all customers. Though the market for enterprise CRM and loyalty programs is accelerating, organizations today find it challenging to design and implement programs that cater to varied customer needs. Companies often lack clearly defined objectives, a well-trained CRM team, and/or the right solution partners. Enter Aimia, a data-driven marketing, loyalty, and analytics company providing best-in-class solutions that enable creation of profitable long-term one-toone relationships between its clients and their customers.

With the rapid pace of technology evolution, most CIOs struggle to form strategies that deploy technology intelligently to solve for customer engagement and retention. “We address these challenges by helping clientleadership define a strategic vision for loyalty and CRM particular to their business,” explains Gerard Whelan, President, Customer Loyalty, U.S., Aimia.

In addition, Aimia has a now well-established track record in deploying SaaS based-solutions that reduce complexity. “SaaS-based, modular configurable solutions are now becoming more of a mainstream answer for CRM and loyalty today,” asserts Chris McLaren, VP Marketing, Aimia. A propos of this trend, Aimia is predicating its technology strategy on SaaS architecture and on evolving its solutions to make them even more costefficient, dynamic and flexible than they are today. Aimia has also developed a world-class analytics and segmentation capability through its Intelligence Shopper Solutions (ISS) division, which allows retailers and suppliers to share transaction data at the SKU level. “ISS goes beyond fast reporting and helps clients make informed decisions about a range of business challenges, particularly about the retail market,” he adds.

Aimia’s expertise in running unique programs for multiple clients across the globe has helped the company in developing innovative solutions for their customers.

We help clients develop and realize CRM and loyalty strategies that create lasting customer relationships

Aimia is distinctively capable of planning transformed customer experiences through research, application of best practices and proprietary economic modeling which result in objective, practical guidance C-level audiences can execute within their organization’s current footprint. Aimia’s recent acquisition of Smart Button—an innovative-web based loyalty technology provider has further empowered Aimia’s global growth strategy, advancing Aimia’s loyalty capabilities and client portfolio.

Over the years, Aimia has helped several clients re-invent their loyalty and CRM strategy programs. For instance, Pampers, a P&G company, needed to redefine their customer engagement strategy and deploy quickly. The client had to avoid customer defection at critical stages and keep moms engaged throughout their children’s diaperwearing years. To solve this challenge, Aimia worked collaboratively with client leadership to determine the right approach. The resulting initiative resulted in a dramatically improved customer value proposition centered on more attainable aspirational rewards, and resulted in accelerated customer acquisition and membership enrollment.

Today, Aimia is working to build a U.S. coalition loyalty program, which has the potential to be a major market changer. Though popular globally, coalition loyalty is not a well-known concept in the U.S. Additionally, “the increasing number of social channels, power of smartphone apps, and IoT will bring more points of integration requirements for CRM and loyalty; given this we continue to evolve our platforms so they can enable the best brand/customer interactions, and as a result deliver the best customer experiences,” concludes Whelan.


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Gerard Whelan, President-Customer Loyalty, U.S. and Chris McLaren, VP-Marketing, U.S

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