AIR MILES® Reward Program: Delivering a Strong Collector Experience

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Katherine Carl-Musson, VP, Program Marketing
Today’s customers expect fast, personalized experiences. They want what they want, how they want it, when they want it. This has driven brands to look for more unique and exciting ways to engage with customers and drive customer retention. However, these consumer expectations are contributing to an environment that makes it harder and harder for brands to keep up, and because of that, brands are searching for nontraditional ways to follow through on these expectations.

This is where loyalty programs come in. A loyalty program can be the difference between a consumer being a customer or a consumer being an advocate for the brand. When implemented properly, a strong loyalty program allows businesses to drive repeat purchases and maximize the lifetime value of a customer by leveraging customer data from multiple sources to deliver value and personalization to customers and partners alike.

That’s where the AIR MILES Reward Program can help set businesses apart.

Operating as a part of Loyalty Ventures Inc. (NASDAQ: LYLT), the AIR MILES Reward Program is one of Canada’s most recognized loyalty programs and delivers a strong collector experience while strengthening its partners’ loyalty strategies. AIR MILES partners with businesses of all sizes to design and implement custom, flexible loyalty solutions that accelerate partner business strategies at an enterprise level.

“With 30 years of experience, we have a proven track record of driving long-term loyalty,” says Katherine Carl-Musson, VP of Program Marketing at AIR MILES. “Our best-in-class, leading data management platform is built on more than 20,000 customer attributes, actioned through a suite of digital capabilities that help understand, predict and influence consumer behavior.”

This combination of data and technology allows AIR MILES to move data beyond numbers into actionable insights that drive value for its partners through improved marketing outcomes and actionable results that can be used to influence business decisions.

Offering One-To-One Marketing Personalization Platforms

Through a roster of more than 300 brands where Collectors can earn Miles and more than 30 years of insights based on attributes of millions of Canadians, AIR MILES has an unparalleled ability to deliver insights to partners in a way that ensures a personalized, seamless experience for its customers.

“Our collectors are at the heart of everything we do. Our focus is on delivering a strong collector experience. We have a Voice of Collector team that provides a deep understanding of what the collectors want and need from the program to strengthen our relationships with them,” says Carl-Musson.

In mid-2019, AIR MILES launched the SMOKEY™ platform—a one-to-one marketing personalization platform that optimizes marketing spend by personalizing marketing communications at scale. SMOKEY™ utilizes machine learning techniques to determine which communication or offer a collector should see based on their shopping behaviours, and the desired business outcomes of the customer lifecycle marketing strategy.
Another tool from AIR MILES is PRECISION™, a product recommendation engine designed to help partners engage with millions of customers by serving them personalized product recommendations.

AIR MILES also drives scale and efficiency by streamlining access to insights for partners via its client digital platform, Airmiles.AI. The platform provides partners with immediate access to reports, dashboards, and insights on different AIR MILES products, all in one location from any device and in realtime.

Delivering Collector Intelligence

Using these world-class data management and analytics platforms, coalition partners are provided with a deep understanding of consumer behavior and purchasing patterns. AIR MILES uses the insights gathered from these data management tools to inform partner campaigns, initiatives, and marketing spend based on the real-time sales and performance data provided. Insights can be viewed in customizable dashboards on any device and provide a clear understanding of campaign performance in a digestible format. Current and past campaign performances can then be leveraged to inform future planning or even mid-campaign pivots when necessary.

Enabling Collector Engagement

With 30 years of experience, we have a proven track record of driving long-term loyalty

Using cross-channel orchestration through traditional and AIpowered marketing tools, the AIR MILES Reward Program works with partners to create tailored, personalized offers for collectors that improve affinity for partner brands and the AIR MILES brand. Partners can also access a broad range of marketing channels— such as mobile apps, web properties, email, off-network, and AdTech—to target collectors. All of these opportunities combine to offer AIR MILES partners a unique and fulsome way to capture the engagement of consumers to drive business and build loyalty. A positive program experience by a consumer at one partner, can then easily extend a positive customer experience across the coalition.

Creating Long-lasting Relationships

Using 30 years of retail data, the AIR MILES Reward Program can offer customized and personalized offers for the collectors at any point in the purchasing life cycle. AIR MILES is focused on rethinking how a loyalty program delivers value to the collectors and the partners, with choice and flexibility; and in doing so have introduced new features to the loyalty programs.

Take the card-linked offers promotion (CLO), for example. CLO allows a collector to link their AIR MILES card to any Canadian issued MasterCard credit cards and earn Reward Miles at participating brands, simply by using their everyday payment credit card. This changes the way collectors can engage with the loyalty program, driving increased value for collectors with more choice and flexibility in how they earn Miles.

AIR MILES uses an insight-driven approach to solve customer engagement and retention challenges and is committed to delighting its collectors and creating long-lasting relationships. The company is dedicated to delivering business value to its partners by helping them understand what would be a collector’s next best action and intercept at the right moment – the right offer for the right collector at the right time.

AIR MILES® Reward Program

Toronto, ON

Katherine Carl-Musson, VP, Program Marketing

The AIR MILES® Reward Program is Canada’s most recognized loyalty program with nearly 10 million active collector accounts. AIR MILES collectors earn Reward Miles at more than 300 leading Canadian, global and online brands and at thousands of retail and service locations across the country

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