AireContact: The Missing Link in your Contact Center

Daniel Lonstein, COO
In an evolving customer service and contact center industry, as customers’ expectations continue to rise, organizations are focusing on enhancing customer engagement. However, many contact centers experience issues with voice quality while using cloud software solutions. Companies erroneously think it is the cloud software or SaaS program they are using when in fact the voice quality and latency issues are almost always a direct result of using the public internet and not a private managed connection that can ensure quality of Service (QoS). Recognizing this issue early on, Los Angeles, CA based AireSpring, a full-service telecommunications and cloud communications provider, chose to deliver a fully managed, end-to-end connectivity solution with their AireContact cloud contact center software to ensure a quality customer experience. “Our mission is to be a one-stop contact center solution provider,” says Daniel Lonstein, COO, AireSpring.

“For our customers in the contact center space AireSpring is able to deliver a single circuit for voice, internet, as well as MPLS and then layer our AireContact Cloud Contact Center solution on top. The net incremental cost for the cloud portion is minimal but the customer gets the full value of a single source solution.” AireContact offers a complete suite of inbound, outbound and blended contact center solutions for all industries complete with cloud connectivity options. AireContact comes with a number of sophisticated features such as Advanced Interactive Voice Response (IVR), Automatic Call Distribution (ACD), Predictive, Progressive and Preview Dialers, campaign management, dynamic scripting, skills based routing, detailed reporting, and a real-time Wallboard.

But poor voice quality in the cloud is just one of the challenges faced by today’s contact centers. New approaches are mandatory to deal with the range of communication channels and available touch points so that the customer experience remains consistent. An Omni channel communication approach must be adopted so that consumers can connect on their terms: whether that be text message, email, web chat, social media or even fax. AireContact was built from the ground up as a single source, multi-channel solution to ensure that different channels are supported and delivered in a single, blended queue.
AireContact has changed the rules of engagement for contact center software vendors by including so much in a standard, scalable solution that is priced by seat not user. “Largely due to the Cloud, we are now seeing the democratization of technology in the contact center space where much smaller companies get the advanced features, such as Omni channel support, advanced IVR, wall boards, reporting and analysis that traditionally have required a significant CAPEX financial investment in a premise based solution.”

In addition to AireContact, AireSpring offers a cloud business phone system, AirePBX, which can be integrated with the contact center platform, allowing seamless call transfers between the two platforms. “Many of our customers are not exclusively contact centers but have contact centers within their organization. The majority of employees may be traditional office PBX users and so our integrated solution of AireContact and AirePBX delivers a unified approach where each employee gets the right features for their role at the right price,” says Lonstein. While the AireContact and AirePBX solutions can be delivered over the customer’s existing internet connection, AireSpring highly recommends that customers use the available managed connectivity or MPLS network, which ensures end-to-end Quality of Service (QoS).

“The recent introduction of enhancements to our world class dynamic scripting tool with full branch logic is the first of many innovations we will be introducing to AireContact in the months ahead,” added Lonstein.

We are now seeing the democratization of technology in the contact center space where smaller companies get advanced features that traditionally required a significant CAPEX investment


Los Angeles, CA

Daniel Lonstein, COO

Delivers managed and connected end-to-end contact center solutions and enhances customer’s experience through Omni-channel communication.